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Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind

Gebonden Engels 2008 9780061340338
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Their insights are extraordinary, their behaviors unusual. Their brains-shaped by the era of microprocessors, access to limitless information, and 24-hour news and communication-are remapping, retooling, and evolving. They're not superhuman. They're your twenty-something coworkers, your children, and your competition. Are you keeping up?

In 'iBrain', Dr. Gary Small, one of America's leading neuroscientists and experts on brain function and behavior, explores how technology's unstoppable march forward has altered the way young minds develop, function, and interpret information. 'iBrain' reveals a new evolution catalyzed by technological advancement and its future implications: Where do you fit in on the evolutionary chain? What are the professional, social, and political impacts of this new brain evolution? How must you adapt and at what price?

While high-tech immersion can accelerate learning and boost creativity, it also has its glitches, among them the meteoric rise in ADD diagnoses, increased social isolation, and Internet addiction. To compete and thrive in the age of brain evolution, and to avoid these potential drawbacks, we must adapt, and iBrain- with its Technology Toolkit- equips all of us with the tools and strategies needed to close the brain gap.


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Over Gary Small

Gary Small is professor psychiatrie en directeur van het UCLA Longevity Center. Hij geeft wereldwijd lezingen en wordt gezien als vooraanstaand wetenschappelijk vernieuwer. Samen met zijn vrouw Gigi Vorgan schreef hij zes boeken, waaronder 'De geheugenbijbel'.

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Over Gigi Vorgan

Gigi Vorgan schreef samen met haar man Gary Small zes boeken, waaronder 'De geheugenbijbel'.

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1. Your Brain is evolving right now
2. Brain gap: Technology dividing generations
3. Addicted to technology
4. Technology and behaviour: ADHD, Indigo Children, and beyond
5. High-tech culture: social, political, and economic impact
6. Brain evolution: Where do you stand now
7. Reconnection face to face
8. The technology toolkit
9. Bridging the Brian gap: Technology and the future Brain

1: High-tech glossary
2: Text Message shortcuts and emoticons
3: Additional Resources


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