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Paperback Engels 2010 9780077121891
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Marketing to organisations is a substantial and dynamic sector of marketing, yet its activities are hidden from view for most students. This new textbook opens up this fascinating and important world to readers, clearly explaining the parallels between business to business and consumer marketing, while also emphasising the unique concepts and practices developed for this field.Wim G. Biemans draws from more than two decades’ experience teaching students and training marketing executives, firmly rooting all the concepts in real business contexts to create a fresh and engaging introductory text.


Hoofdrubriek:Marketing, Marketing


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<h2> PART 1 understanding business to business marketing</h2><h3>1 B2B marketing </h3><h2> PART 2 Making sense of customers and markets </h2><h3>2 Understanding B2B customers </h3><h3>3 Making sense of B2B markets </h3><h2> PART 3 Defining value for customers </h2><h3>4 Creating value for customers </h3><h2> PART 4 Translating the value proposition into marketing instruments </h2><h3>5 Managing products and services </h3><h3>6 Managing sales and delivery channels </h3><h3>7 Managing communication </h3><h3>8 Managing price </h3><h2> PART 5 Marketing evaluation and control </h2><h3>9 Marketing implementation, evaluation and control </h3><h2> PART 6 implementing a value-creating organisation </h2><h3>10 Designing and maintaining a value-creating organisation </h3><h2> Cases </h2><h4>Case 1 Vekoma: Selling roller coasters </h4><h4>Case 2 Cater Inc.: Targeting the buying centre </h4><h4>Case 3 WWSA: In search of a value proposition </h4><h4>Case 4 KPN: Learning from customers </h4><h4>Case 5 NNZ: Innovation in a trading company </h4><h4>Case 6 Ford/Firestone: Dealing with product problems </h4><h4>Case 7 Philips Crypto: Pricing a completely new product </h4>

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