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The Official Damn Small Linux Book

The Tiny Adaptable Linux That Runs on Anything

Paperback Engels 2007 9780132338691
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Make the Most of Today's Smallest, Fastest Desktop Linux Distribution - Damn Small Linux!

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a super-efficient platform for everything from custom desktops to professional servers. Now, DSL's creator and lead developer have written the first definitive, practical guide to this remarkable system. 'The Official Damn Small Linux Book' brings together everything you need to put DSL to work in just minutes. Simply learn a few essentials, boot the live CD-ROM, and master the rest...one step at a time, hands-on.

If you're new to Linux, you can quickly discover how to use DSL to take your data on the road, safely running your programs and personal environment on nearly any computer. Easily adapt DSL to run on anything from an alternative device (Internet appliance, hand-held, diskless PC, or mini-ITX system) to an older PC that might otherwise be headed for landfill.

Use this book and CD-ROM package to...
- Run DSL at blazing speed, from CD, USB pen drive, or directly from RAM
- Run DSL from your hard drive or in a virtual environment within Windows
- Add applications and create shareable extensions
- Customize and remaster DSL to create your own distribution
- Build a complete music and multimedia server
- Use Skype VoIP phone service in DSL
- Quickly set up an XAMPP Web server, complete with MySQL, PHP, and Perl, to host your personal Web pages

CD-ROM Includes:
- Several versions of Damn Small Linux that let you run DSL directly from the CD, a Windows desktop, a pen drive, or your PC's RAM.
- Software packages (MyDSL extensions) including everything you need to create an Edna music server, Skype® VoIP calling client, multimedia picture frame, and tiny XAMPP Web server.
- Tools for rebuilding and remastering Damn Small Linux.

Your Practical, Hands-On Guides to Getting Real Results with Free Software

Every book in this series encourages and challenges you to advance in the free software world. Boot the accompanying live DVD or CD and watch the Linux system, applications, and content described in the book come to life. When you finish, you'll know how to use, customize, and rebuild that open source software. Start as a novice, by trying out examples...and finish as a professional!

System Requirements:
- Processor: 486DX (recommended Pentium I) or higher
- Memory: 32MB RAM or more (can run entirely in memory in 128MB RAM)
- Disk space: No hard disk space required to run from CD-ROM or USB thumb drive; 50MB minimum for frugal hard disk installs; 200-300MB recommended minimum for traditional hard disk installs
- Graphics: SVGA-capable card with monitor capable of 800x600 resolution


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About the Authors


Part 1: Using Damn Small Linux
1. Overview of Damn Small Linux
2. Booting DSL
3. Using DSL Applications
4. Configuring and Saving DSL Settings
5. Extending Applications with MyDSL

Part 2: DSL Beyond the Live CD
6. Running a Native Pen Drive Install
7. Running DSL Embedded in Windows
8. Installing DSL in Alternate Ways
9. Performing a Traditional Hard Drive Install

PART 3: Creating Extensions and Remastering
10. Adding Applications and Creating Shareable Extensions
11. Setting up a Full Remastering Environment

PART 4: Making Damn Small Linux Projects
12. Running DSL on Alternative Hardware
13. Making an Edna Music Server in DSL
14. Using Skype VoIP Service in DSL
15. Running a Digital Media Frame with DSL
16. Setting up an XAMPP Web Server in DSL

Part 5: Appendixes
Appendix A: On the CD
Appendix B: MyDSL Extensions

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        The Official Damn Small Linux Book