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Failsafe Strategies

Profit and Grow from Risks That Others Avoid (paperback)

Paperback Engels 2011 9780132480598
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Failsafe Strategies


Pursue your bestbusiness opportunities–withoutthe risk!

Today, many companies have become powerfully averse to taking the risks that are essential to long-term success. Dr. Sayan Chatterjee shows how to identify high-risk, high-return opportunities, and then systematically mitigate those risks up front, as you design your initiative. His techniques can help you safely pursue huge opportunities that others pass up–and sustain profit growth far into the future.

A complete framework for attacking high-risk, high-return opportunities

Powerful new tools for sustaining long-term growth and profitability

Clarifying and mitigating your real risks

Understanding what is visible to your customer and how that affects your risk

JetBlue vs. Southwest: More than one way to skin a cat

Identifying multiple competitive objectives, and multiple ways to achieve them

Tracking and reducing risks in real-time

Discovering mistakes in assumptions or logic while there's time to fix them

Creative ways to leverage existing resources more effectively

Reducing risk by avoiding unnecessary additional investments–and what to do when you can't

Execution: Getting your ducks in a row

Creating an organization that can deliver on your high-value, low-risk strategies

Reducing the hazards of growth and diversification strategies

Planning to grow or extend your core markets

Entering existing markets without the risk

Finding more effective ways to overcome entry barriers

Shaping new markets: products, processes, and platforms

What it takes to successfully create and dominate a new market

"For those charged with business strategy, this book is a must read. By understanding and applying its principles, managers may be well on their way to minimizing risks and gaining a competitive edge."

–Thomas C. Sullivan, Chairman, RPM International, Inc.

"Chatterjee helps you take a fresh look at your company's current business model and gives you a roadmap to implement change to align your everyday operations and long-term strategic planning. This book is a must-read for anyone involved in operations and trying to grow a business."

–Arthur Anton, President/CEO, Swagelok

"Dr. Chatterjee has been highly effective in assisting our company with business strategy. He has given us new perspectives in strategic management that have dramatically improved our thought processes and performance results."

–Rick Juve, CEO Americhem

"For a practitioner, this book offers a unique and invaluable focus on proactive risk assessment during the design of business strategy...a focus that other authors omit."

–Ted Zampetis, CEO, Shiloh Industries, Inc.

"Risk. It's everywhere in today's business world. Chatterjee shows businesses how to cope and prosper in the face of risk. If you don't want to succumb to the downside of risk, this book is a must."

–Professor Richard D'Aveni, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and author of Hypercompetition

"Chatterjee takes a unique perspective to strategy. Instead of waiting for a home-run innovation, companies can boost their profits long-term by clearly understanding what causes everyday strategies to fail. What an idea!"

–Sydney Finkelstein, Professor of Strategy and Leadership, Tuck School at Dartmouth and author of Why Smart Executives Fail

"The world of risk management is often thought of in the context of models, measurement, quantitative analysis, and geeks. Dr. Chatterjee's book takes the subject to a new level by focusing on the critical role of strategic risk. As a professional risk manager, I was intrigued by how he weaves strategy into the fabric of enterprise risk management. Chock full of real-world anecdotes, the reader will find this book both entertaining and informative.

–Kevin M. Blakely, Executive Vice President, Risk Management Group, KeyCorp

"This excellent book provides both tools and processes for expansion of company activities into market areas that may outwardly appear very risky. By developing multiple options, the risks of new moves in the market can be reduced to practical proportions."

–Jack W. Harley, President, JWH Group Inc.

"This book offers very sound, worthwhile advice to management concerning a little-reviewed element–substantiating and evaluating risk. It is well worth the effort and should be well received."

–James A Karman, COO RPM Inc.

"For anyone who is currently constructing a business case for their organization, stop now. Read this book first. It will assist you in terms of articulating your chosen strategic design, the core objectives that you are trying to establish, and the pure capability that will enable you to successfully execute. This is value to the max."

–Professor C.H.J. Gilson, author of Peak Performance: Business Lessons from the World's Top Sports Organizations

"Businesses have long built their strategies on a foundation of profitability first, risk analysis second. Sayan Chatterjee flips the formula and shows how business opportunities are often profitable precisely because of the risk involved. This is a fresh perspective on how to calculate the risks that can derail a strategy–or lead to greater profits. Failsafe Strategies provides business managers with a dynamic, accessible framework not simply for avoiding risk, but for converting it into profitability."

–Ming-Jer Chen, Leslie E. Grayson Professor of Business Administration, The Darden School, University of Virginia, and author of Inside Chinese Business: A Guide for Managers Worldwide

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Introduction: Understanding Risk: The Real Key to Competitive Strategy.

I: DESIGNING STRATEGIES FOR AVOIDING RISK.  1: How to See Gold Where Others See Risk: Identify More Choices to Get the Gold.
 2: Three Steps to Design a Low Risk Strategy.
 3: Identifying Multiple Capability Configurations.
 4: Designing Strategies with Low Capability Risks.
 5: Lowering Capability Risks with Visible and Invisible Outputs.
 6: Organizations That Can Benefit from the Outcome-to-Objectives Framework.

II: THE RISKS IN GROWTH AND DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY.  7: When and How to Use Differentiation Entry Strategy.
 8: When and How to Use a Low-Price Entry Strategy.
 9: Strategies to Shape Markets: Products, Process and Platform.
10: Develop Multiple Migration Paths.
Appendix: Enron's Incremental Descent into Bankruptcy: A Strategic and Organizational Guide.  

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