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Corporate Finance, Canadian Edition

Gebonden Engels 2021 9780136648802
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Helping Students Build a Solid Financial Accounting Foundation

The first Canadian edition of this text was written just as the financial crisis of 2008- 2009 was unfolding. That financial crisis, and the continuing crises that followed, reinforced the need to understand finance to ensure that good financial decisions are made. As we said in the first edition, understanding finance is important and is the purpose of this book:

In our over 60 years of combined teaching experience, we have found that leaving out core material deemed “too hard” actually makes the subject matter less accessible. The core concepts in finance are simple and intuitive. What makes the subject challenging is that it is often difficult for a novice to distinguish between these core ideas and other intuitively appealing approaches that, if used in financial decision making, will lead to incorrect decisions. De-emphasizing the core concepts that underlie finance strips students of the essential intellectual tools they need to differentiate between good and bad decision making. Therefore, our primary motivation for writing this book was to equip students with a solid grounding in the core financial concepts and tools needed to make good decisions.

With a consistency in presentation and an innovative set of learning aids, Corporate Finance, Fifth Canadian Edition, simultaneously meets the needs of both future financial managers and non-financial managers. This textbook truly shows every student how to “think finance.”

Personalize Learning with Pearson MyLab Finance

MyLab Finance is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.

**Supplements are available for download from the MyLab Instructor Resources page. Contact your Pearson rep for access information and instructions if you don’t have a MyLab account.


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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<ol> <li>The Corporation and Financial Markets</li> <li>Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis</li> <li>Arbitrage and Financial Decision Making</li> <li>The Time Value of Money</li> <li>Interest Rates</li> <li>Valuing Bonds</li> <li>Valuing Stocks</li> <li>Investment Decision Rules</li> <li>Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting</li> <li>Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk</li> <li>Optimal Portfolio Choice and the Capital Asset Pricing Model</li> <li>Estimating the Cost of Capital</li> <li>Investor Behaviour and Capital Market Efficiency</li> <li>Financial Options</li> <li>Option Valuation</li> <li>Real Options</li> <li>Capital Structure in a Perfect Market</li> <li>Debt and Taxes</li> <li>Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives, and Information</li> <li>Payout Policy</li> <li>Capital Budgeting and Valuation with Leverage</li> <li>Valuation and Financial Modeling: A Case Study</li> <li>Raising Equity Capital</li> <li>Debt Financing</li> <li>Leasing</li> <li>Working Capital Management</li> <li>Short-Term Financial Planning</li> <li>Mergers and Acquisitions</li> <li>Corporate Governance</li> <li>Risk Management</li> <li>International Corporate Finance</li> </ol>

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        Corporate Finance, Canadian Edition