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Fundamentals of Database Sytems 4th edition

Intenational edition

Paperback Engels 2003 9780321204486
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'Fundamentals of Database systems, Fourth edition' combines a clear explanation of theory and design, broad coverage of models and real systems, and excellent examples with up-to-date introductions to modern database technologies. Remaining atop the current trends in database systems, the author now covers new topics such as XML an internet databases. The use of UML diagramming is introduced and developed with examples. This edition features a companion Web site with a complete case study that encourages readers to apply the books ideas to a project involving the creation of a database for a bookstore.

New to the fourth edition:
- Now covers both the traditional ER model and UML when discussing data modelling
- Includes updates material on SQL, with a new chapter that discusses topics from SQL programming, including SQLJ, JDBC, and ODBC
- Provides new coverage of object-relational features of SQL-99
- Applies ideas from the book to a fully developed case study that uses step-by-step database design an implementation in a bookstore application
- Offers updates coverage of security, emerging technologies of mobile databases, and applications to GIS and genome data management
- Features a new chapter on XML and internet databases
- Includes a new chapter on data mining


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Part 1 Introduction and conceptual modelling
1 Databases and Database users
2 Database systems concepts and architecture
3 Data modeling using the entity-relationship model
4 Enhanced entity-relationship and UML modelling

Part 2 Relational model: concepts, constraints, languages, design, and programming
5 The relational data model and relational database constraints
6 The relational algebra an relational calculus
7 Relational database design by ER- and EER-to-relational mapping
8 SQL-99: schema definition basic constraints, and queries
9 More SQL: assertions, views, and programming techniques

Part 3 Database design theory and methodology
10 Functional dependencies and normalization for relational databases
11 Relational database design algorithms and further dependencies
12 Practical database design methodology and use of UML diagrams

Part 4 Data storage, indexing, query processing and physical design
13 Disk storage, basic file structures, and hashing
14 Indexing structures for files
15 Algorithms for Query processing and optimisation
16 Practical database design and tuning

Part 5 Transaction processing concepts
17 Introduction to transaction processing concepts and theory
18 Concurrency control techniques
19 Database recovery techniques

Part 6 Object and object-relational databases
20 Concepts for object databases
21 Object database standards, languages, and design
22 Object-relational and extended-relational systems

Part 7 Further topics
23 Database security and authorization
24 Enhanced data models for advanced applications
25 Distributed Databases and client-server architectures

Part 8 Emerging technologies
26 XML and internet databases
27 Data mining concepts
28 Overview of data warehousing and OLAP
29 Emerging database technologies and applications

Appendix A Alternative diagrammatic notations
Appendix B Database design application
Implementations case study- located on the web
Appendix C Parameter of disks
Appendix D Overview of the QBE language
Appendix E Hierarchical Data Model- located on the web
Appendix F Networks Data Model- located on the web

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        Fundamentals of Database Sytems 4th edition