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Linux Bible 2009 Edition: Boot up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE, and 13 Other Distributions

Paperback Engels 2009 9780470373675
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Run the world's most popular free operatin system on your own computer

Get in on the Linux phenomenon! Play music and games, publish on paper or on the Web, and communicatie over the Internet. This comprehensive book includes step-by-step instructions adn software for 18 different Linux distributions. Whether you are an enterprising do-it-yourselfer or an aspiring Linux professional, you can start here on your path to software freedom.

- Master Linux for desktops, servers, and workstations
- Find install, and use tons of free and open source software
- Create your on cool apps with useful programming tools
- Launch all your music, video, images, and documents in Linux
- Browse, e-mail, or chat over the internet from a Linux desktop
- Set up your own e-mail and Web (LAMP) servers
- Make safe connections using firewalls and other security tools

A total of 18 different Linux distributions are included on the DVD and CD-rom
- To try out Linux, boot directly to KNOPPIX, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo, BackTrack and other live Linux distributions
- To keep Linux permanently, install Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, GNU Dawn Small Linux, Slackware Linux, and other distributions to your hard disk

What's on the DVD and CD-ROM?
DVD includes:
- Ubuntu Linux (Live/install)
- Fedora Linux (Full installation)
- openSUSE (Live/install)
- KNOPPIX (Live)
- Freespire (Live/Install)
- Gentoo Linux (Live/Install)
- Slackware (Install)
- BackTrack (Live)
- Mandriva One (Live/Install)
- Mepis( Live/Install)
- AntiX (Live/Install)
- Puppy Linux (Live/Install)

CD-ROM includes:
- Debian GNU/Linux (Live/Install)
- Damn small Linux (Live/Install)
- SLAX (Live)
- SystemRescueCD (Live)
- INSERT (Live)
- Coyote Linux (Floppy firewall)

System requirements:
- All software built for x86 computers
- See chapters on each distribution for system requirements


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Part 1: Getting off the Ground with Linux.
1. Starting with Linux.
2. Linux Projects, Activities, and Careers.

Part 2: Running a Linux Desktop.
3. Getting into the Desktop.
4. Playing Music and Video.
5. Working with Words and Images.
6. E-Mailing and Web Browsing.
7. Gaming with Linux.

Part 3: Learning System Administration Skills.
8. Installing Linux.
9. Running Commands from the Shell.
10. Learning Basic Administration.
11. Getting on the Internet.
12. Securing Linux.

Part 4: Setting Up Linux Servers.
13. Running a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) Server.
14. Running a Mail Server.
15. Running a Print Server.
16. Running a File Server.

Part 5: Choosing and Installing Different Linux Distributions.
17. Running Ubuntu Linux.
18. Running Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
19. Running Debian GNU/Linux.
20. Running SUSE and openSUSE Linux.
21. Running KNOPPIX.
22. Running Yellow Dog Linux.
23. Running Gentoo Linux.
24. Running Slackware Linux.
25. Running Freespire and Xandros.
26. Running Mandriva.
27. Running a Linux Firewall/Router.
28. Running Bootable Linux Distributions.

Part 6: Programming in Linux.
29. Programming Environments and Interfaces.
30. Programming Tools and Utilities.

Appendix A: Media.
Appendix B: Linux History and Background.


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        Linux Bible 2009 Edition: Boot up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE, and 13 Other Distributions