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American Foreign Policy

Pattern and Process

Paperback Engels 2007 9780534603373
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Now in its Seventh Edition, AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY has been thoroughly revised and updated to include several completely new sections, reflecting the most recent developments and scholarship related to American foreign policy.

This Seventh Edition provides considerable attention to how the Bush administration sought to reshape national strategy, policies and structures; its domestic and international actions taken in the name of national security, and the immediate as well as possible long-term consequences of these developments. As in past editions, the Seventh Edition retains the book’s proven and pedagogically valuable analytical framework. Harnessing the conceptual, theoretical, and historical components that facilitate an analysis of American foreign policy, this text maintains five sources-international, societal, governmental, role, and individual-that collectively influence decisions about foreign policy goals, and the means chosen to realize them. Offering readers extraordinary breadth, thoughtful discussion, and in-depth of coverage of past, present, and future American foreign policy, AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY will equip readers with a solid and well-informed understanding of the full range of domestic and global sources of influence that will challenge American foreign policy-makers in the twenty-first century.


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Uitgever:Cengage Learning


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1. In Search of American Foreign Policy: A Thematic Introduction.
2. Pattern & Process in American Foreign Policy: An Analytical Perspective.
3. Principle, Power, & Pragmatism: The Goals of the American Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective.
4. Instruments of Global Influence: Military Might & Interventionism.
5. Instruments of Global Influence: Covert Activities, Foreign Aid, Sanctions & Public Diplomacy.
6. Principle, Power & Pragmatism in the Twenty-First Century: The International Political System in Transition.
7. World Political Economy in Transition: Opportunities & Constraints in a Globalizing World Political Economy.
8. Americans'' Values, Beliefs & Preferences: Political Culture & Public Opinion in Foreign Policy.
9. The Transmission of Values, Beliefs & Preferences: Interest Groups, Mass Media & Presidential Elections.
10. Presidential Preeminence in Foreign Policy Making.
11. The Foreign Policy Bureaucracy and Foreign Policy Making.
12. Congress and Foreign Policy Making.
13. The Process of Decision Making: Roles, Rationality, & the Impact of Bureaucratic Organizations.
14. Leader Characteristics and Foreign Policy Performance.
15. Beyond Bush: The Future of American Foreign Policy.

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        American Foreign Policy