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Adobe Photoshop CS: One-on-One*

Featuring 2 hours of total training video

Paperback Engels 2004 9780596006181
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Van deze titel hebben wij nog slechts één of enkele exemplaren op voorraad.

Photoshop is an essential, powerful, and sometimes a befuddling tool. 'Adobe Photoshop CS: One-on-One' clears the fog, taking you from graphics newbie to Photoshop warrior, under the watchful, easygoing guidance of Photoshop master Deke McClelland. This full-color book, accompanied by nearly two hours of video tutorials on CD, is an up close and personal training experience. Deke's classroom approach takes you step by step through real-world projects that help you gain Photoshop proficiency. Along the way, you'll get a good dose of graphics theory, best practices, and tips for avoiding Photoshop disasters.

This one-of-a-kind approach fills a gap in the available literature and delivers a unique learning experience.


Aantal pagina's:465
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Deke McClelland

Deke McClelland is misschien wel de meest aansprekende Photoshop-goeroe ter wereld. Deke heeft meer dan 80 boeken op zijn naam staan. Zijn boeken zijn in 24 landen vertaald en inmiddels zijn er zo'n 4 miljoen exemplaren verkocht. In 1989 ontving Deke de prestigieuze Benjamin Franklin award. Sindsdien heeft hij meer dan 30 nationale en internationale prijzen voor zijn boeken gewonnen.

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PREFACE . How One-on-One Works

L E S S ON 1. Open and Organize
What Is Photoshop?
Opening an Image
Organizing Your Photos
Using Metadata
Batch Renaming
Printing Thumbnails
Creating an On-Screen Slideshow

L E S S ON 2. Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows
Brightness and Contrast
Automatic Image Correction
Adjusting Brightness Levels
Correcting with Curves
Compensating for Flash and Backlighting

L E S S ON 3. Correcting Color Balance
What Are Hue and Saturation?
Fixing a Color Cast
Tint and Color
Colorizing a Grayscale Image
Correcting Camera Raw
viii Contents

L E S S ON 4 . Making Selections
Isolating an Image Element
Selecting Colored Areas with the Magic Wand
Using the Marquee Tools
Selecting an Irregular Image
Drawing Precise Curves

L E S S ON 5 . Crop, Straighten, and Size
Whole-Image Transformations
The Order in Which We Work
Auto Crop and Straighten
Straightening a Crooked Image
Using the Crop Tool
Resizing an Image

L E S S ON 6 . Paint, Edit, and Heal
The Essential Eight, Plus Two
The Three Editing Styles
Coloring Scanned Line Art
Adding Fills and Textures
Dodge, Burn, Sponge, and Smudge
Healing and Patching

L E S S ON 7. Creating and Applying Masks
Seeing through Photoshop's Eyes
Using the Color Range Command
Refining a Selection with a Quick Mask
Extracting a Photographic Element
Defining a Mask from Scratch
Putting the Mask in Play

L E S S ON 8 . Adjusting Focus
The Subterfuge of Sharpness
Sharpening, Blurring, and Averaging
Sharpening an Image
ix Contents
Gaussian Blur and Median
Using an Edge Mask

L E S S ON 9. Building Layered Compositions
The Benenifts and Penalties of Layers
How to Manage Layers 282
Arranging and Modifying Layers
Importing and Transforming Layers
Masks, Knockouts, and Luminance Blending
Working with Layer Comps

L E S S ON 10. Text and Shapes
The Vector-Based Duo
Creating and Formatting Text
Drawing and Editing Shapes
Bending and Warping Type

L E S S ON 11. Layer Styles and Adjustments
The Amazing World of Live Effects
Layer Attributes Versus Layers
Adding Layer Effects
Applying Strokes and Glows
Simulating Reflections with Bevel and Emboss
Fixing Problem Effects
Creating and Modifying Adjustment Layers

L E S S ON 12. Printing and Output
Local Printing Versus Commercial Reproduction
Printing to an Inkjet Printer
Preparing a CMYK File for Commercial Reproduction
Packing Multiple Pictures onto a Single Page


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