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Programming Visual Basic 2005

Build Windows and Web Applications now

Paperback Engels 2005 9780596009496
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This newest programming guide by bestselling author Jesse Liberty isn't your typical Visual Basic book. It's not a primer on the language, and it won't dull your brain with arguments hyping .NET either. Its goal, rather, is to make you immediately productive, creating Windows and Web applications using Visual Basic and its associated tools.

Written for experienced Visual Basic programmers (from either a VB6 or VB .NET background), the book shows how Visual Basic 2005 can be used to rapidly build modern web applications and new 'Smart Client' applications, which combine the power of individual computers with network data resources to deliver a rich interactive experience. You'll also learn the details of building robust object-oriented applications, and a host of especially dangerous pitfalls to avoid when programming with Visual Basic 2005.

What makes this book different is what's not included. There's no introduction to Visual Basic, no explanation of how it fits into the .NET world. Why waste time reading about something you'll learn for yourself as soon as you start creating applications? You won't even write a 'Hello World' program. With Jesse Liberty, you'll get started building something useful.

The book is divided into three separate parts-Building Windows Applications, Building Web Applications, and Programming with Visual Basic--each of which could be a book on its own. The author shares his thorough understanding of the subject matter through lucid explanations and intelligently designed lessons that guide you to increasing levels of expertise. By the time you've finished the book, you'll know how to program with VB 2005.

Jesse Liberty's books have successfully guided thousands of programmers into the world of .NET programming, and Programming Visual Basic 2005 will be no exception. This book is sure to become a key component in the libraries of .NET developers.


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Over Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty, "Silverlight Geek", is a senior program manager for Microsoft Silverlight in the Silverlight Development Division where he is responsible for the creation of tutorials, videos and other content to facilitate the learning and use of Silverlight. Even before joining Microsoft, Jesse was well known in the industry in part because of his many bestselling books, including O'Reilly Media's Programming .NET 3.5, Programming C# 3.0, Learning ASP.NET with AJAX and the soon to be published Programming Silverlight. He has over two decades experience writing software, consulting and training, with stints as at AT&T as a Distinguished Software Engineer and at Citibank as a Vice President in the Information Division.

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Part I. Building Windows Applications
1. Design and First Forms
The Requirements
Getting Started
Creating the Customer Detail Page
2. Data Access
Adding Data to the Customer Page
Using the Details View to Create the Detail Form
Modify the Display with Events
3. Cool Controls
Adding a Menu and Toolbar
Displaying Web Documents
Masked Text Box
Printing a Document
Copying Files Using Tree Views
4. Custom Controls
Custom Controls
Building the Controls
Using the Custom Controls
5. GDI+ and Drawing
The Graphics Class
Implementing the Control
6. Mice and Fonts
Click the Mouse
7. Legacy COM Controls
Importing ActiveX Controls
Importing COM Components

Part II. Building Web Applications
8. Web Application, Design, and First Forms
Understanding Web Forms
Getting Started
Adding Controls
9. Validation Controls
The RequiredFieldValidator
Client-Side Evaluation
The Summary Validator
The Compare Validator
Range Checking
Regular Expressions
Custom Validation
Validation Groups
10. Master Pages and Navigation
Creating Master Pages
11. Web Data Access
Getting Data from a Database
Multiuser Updates
The DataList Control
12. Personalization
Implementing Forms-Based Security
Add Roles to ASP.NET Accounts
Create Personalized Web Sites
Personalize with Complex Types
Anonymous Personalization
Themes and Skins
Web Parts
Enabling Editing and Layout Changes
13. Custom Controls
User Controls
Custom Controls
14. Web Services
Platform Independence
How Web Services Work
Creating a Web Service
WebMethod Properties
Testing Your Web Service
Writing the Client

Part III. Programming with Visual Basic 2005
15. Visual Studio 2005
Start Page
Projects and Solutions
The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Building and Running
16. Visual Basic 2005 Fundamentals
Iteration Statements
17. Using Collections and Generics
18. Object-Oriented Visual Basic 2005
Defining Classes
Instantiating Objects
The Heap
Access Modifiers
Method Arguments
Copy Constructors
Using Shared Members
Destroying Objects
Overloading Methods and Constructors
Encapsulating Data with Properties
Specialization and Generalization
Abstract Classes
The Root of All Classes: Object
Boxing and Unboxing Types
Interfaces Versus Abstract Base Classes
Defining an Interface
Implementing an Interface


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        Programming Visual Basic 2005