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Knoppix Hacks 2nd edition

Tips and tools for using the Linux Live CD to hack, repair, and enjoy your PC

Paperback Engels 2007 9780596514938
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If you think Knoppix is just a Linux demo disk, think again. Klaus Knopper created an entire Linux distribution on a bootable CD (and now a DVD) so he could use his favorite open source tools on any computer. This book includes a collection of tips and techniques for using the enormous amount of software Knoppix offers-not just to work and play, but also to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and disinfect your system without having to install a thing.

Knoppix Hacks is just like the distribution it covers: a veritable Swiss Army knife packed full of tools. Scores of industrial-strength hacks-many of them new to this second edition-cover both the standard Knoppix CD and the feature-rich DVD "Maxi" distribution, which is included with this book. Discover how to use Knoppix to its full potential as your desktop, rescue CD, or as a launching point for your own live CD.

With Knoppix Hacks, you can:
- Employ Knoppix as a system administration multitool to replace failed servers and more
- Rescue Windows systems with Knoppix to repair file systems, back up files and settings, hack the registry, and more
- Create quick and dirty wikis, nameservers, and file servers, for temporary or emergency use
- Explore other live CDs based on Knoppix
- Easily install popular Linux distributions, including Debian and Gentoo with all your hardware detected and configured
- Remaster Knoppix to include your favourite software or custom branding

Whether you're a new Linux user, power user, or system administer, this book helps you take advantage of Knoppix and customize it to your needs. You may just find ways to use Knoppix that you never considered.


Aantal pagina's:391
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Boot Knoppix
1. Boot Knoppix on a Desktop
2. Boot Virtualized Knoppix
3. Get Knoppix
4. Use Knoppix Cheat Codes
5. Speak Different Languages
6. Free Your CD to Make Knoppix Run Faster
7. Straighten Out Your X Settings
8. Use Advanced Knoppix Cheat Codes
9. Run Knoppix on a Laptop
10. Explore Expert Mode
11. Ckack RAWM for Errors with Memtest86+
2. Use Your Knoppix Desktop
12. Explore the Desktop
13. Customize the Desktop Look
14. Get Office Work Done
15. Configure Your Printer
16. Use Peripheral Devices
17. Have Fun and Play Some Games
18. Rock Out with Knoppix Multimedia
19. Connect to the Internet
20. Connect to the Internet with GPRS over Bluetooth
21. Explore the Internet
22. Get Help
23. Try other desktop environments
24. Become Root
3.Tweak Your Desktop
25. Use Aufs
26. Create Persistent Knoppix Settings
27. Use Your Linux Desktop Settings
28. Use Your Windows Desktop Settings
29. Make a Kiosk
30. Make a Parry Arcade
31. Network Boot Knoppix
32. create a Knoppix "Thin Client"
33. Develop Applications
34. Install Nvidia 3D Drivers
35. Point-and-Klik to Install Applications
36. Create Your Own Klik Recipe
37. Install programs to the live Disk
38. Browse the Web Anonymously
39 Install Multimedia Codecs
4. Install Linux with Knoppix
40. Explore the Knoppix Installer
41. Install Knoppix as a Single-Boot System
42. Install Knoppix on a Multiboot System
43. Convert Knoppix to Debian Unstable
44. Install Gentoo with Knoppix
45. Update a Knoppix install from the CD
5. Put Knoppix in Your Toolbox
46. Run Remote Desktops
47. Run X Remotely with FreeNX
48. Browse Windows Shares
49. Create an Emergency Router
50. Create an Emergency File Server
51. Create an Emergency Web Server
52. Make an emergency Mail Relay
53. Run Other Emergency Services
54. Wardrive with Knoppix
55. Audit Network Security
56. Check for Root Kits
57. Collect Forensics Data
58. Clone Hard Drives
59. Wipe a Hard Drive
60. Test Hardware Compatibility
61. Copy Settings to Other Distributions
63. Add Knoppix to your PXE Boot environment
64. Create a Weekend Wiki
6. Repair Linux
65. Repair Lilo
66. Repair Grub
67. Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record
68. Find Lost Partitions
69. Resize Linux Partitions
70. Repair Damaged Filesystems
71. Recover Deleted Files
72. Rescue Files from Damaged Hard Drives
73. Backup and Restore
74. Migrate to a New Hard Drive
75. Mount Linux Software RAID
76. Create to Software RAID
77. Migrate Software RAID
78. Migrate software RAID 1 to RAID 5
79. Add an Extra Drive to a Software RAID 5 Array
80. Mount LVM Partitions
81. Reset Linux Passwords
82. Fix Broken Init Services
83. Repair Debian Packages
84. Repair RPM Packages
85. Copy a Working Kernel
86. Turn a Physical Machine into a VMware Virtual Machine
7. Rescue Windows
87. Fix the Windows Boot Selector
88. Back Up Files and Settings
89. Resize windows Partitions
90. Reset Lost NT Passwords
91. Edit the Windows Registry
92. Restore Corrupted System Files
93. Scan for Viruses
94. Download Windows Patches Securely
95. Knoppix on Intel Macs
8. Knoppix Reloaded
96. Master Morphix
97. Educate yourself with Freeduc
98. Damn small Linux
99. INSERT Security Here
100. Download Local Area Security
101. Full Protection with S-T-D
102. Distribute Compiles with distccKNOPPIX
103. Distribute the Load with ClusterKnoppix
104. Analyze Quantian
105. Find GIS Knoppix on the Map
106. TiVo Your Computer
107. Compose Musix
108. Contribute to Knoppix
9. Knoppix Remastered
109. Create a Customized Knoppix
110. Trim the Fat
111. Personalize Knoppix
112. Keep Your Custom Disc up to Date
113. Automate Knoppix Remastering
114. Morph Morphix
115. Auto-Build Morphix Modules
116. Change the default language o an ISO image
117. Remaster Knoppix without remastering
118. Change boot defaults without remastering
119. Tweak the initrd without remastering
120. Put Knoppix on a USB Drive


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