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Raising Capital for Dummies

Paperback Engels 2002 9780764553530
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While raising capital has never been easy, it has become a lot more difficult over the past few years. The dot–com debacle has made investors skittish, especially when it comes to financing early–stage start–ups. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are being forced to compete harder and harder for a spot around the money well. At the end of the day, all most have to show for their efforts are tattered Rolodexes and battered egos. What they need is the competitive edge that comes with having a friend in the business an advisor who ll cut through the mumbo–jumbo and tell them in plain English how to get the money they need. What they need is
Raising Capital For Dummies.

Whether you re just starting your business and need a little seed capital to launch your first product, or you re looking for a little help expanding an established business into a new market, this friendly guide helps you get the financing you need to realize your dreams. You ll discover how to:

Tap personal sources of financing, as well as family and friends
Approach customers and vendors for financing
Hook up with commercial lenders
Find angel investors 
Get an SBA loan
Raise cash through private equity offerings
Woo and win investment bankers and venture capitalists

Venture capital guru, Joseph Bartlett explains in plain English the capital–raising strategies and techniques used by some of today s most successful businesses, including tried–and–true methods for:

Assessing your financial needs and creating a solid financial plan
Researching sources of financing and making first contact
Finding, contacting, and convincing angels
Getting your customers to finance your company
Understanding and exploiting matching services
Exploring commercial banks, savings institutions, credit unions, finance companies, and the SBA
Qualifying for a loan
Working with placement agents
Raising cash through IPOs and mergers

From raising seed capital and funds for expansion to IPOs and acquisitions, Raising Capital For Dummies shows you how to get the money you need to survive and thrive in today s winner–take–all marketplace.


Aantal pagina's:336
Uitgever:John Wiley & Sons


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<br />
<br /> Part I: First–Stage Financing: Seed Capital and Start–up.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 1: It Takes Money to Make Money.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 2: Tapping into Your Personal Resources.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 3: The Rolodex Round: Family and Friends.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 4: Angel Investors.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 5: Customers and Vendors.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 6: Matching Services
<br />
<br /> Part II: Second–Stage Financing: Expansion.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 7: Commercial Lenders.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 8: Placement Agents.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 9: The Small Business Administration.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 10: Private Equity Offerings.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 11: Venture Capital.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 12: Valuation.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 13: Lease Financing.
<br />
<br /> Part III: Third–Stage Financing: Acquisition.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 14: Investment Banks.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 15: Initial Public Offering.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 16: Mergers.
<br />
<br /> Part IV: The Part of Tens.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 17: Ten Best Sources of Fast Cash.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 18: Ten Creative Ways to Raise capital.
<br />
<br /> Chapter 19: Ten Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow––Now!
<br />
<br /> Glossary.
<br />
<br /> Index.

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        Raising Capital for Dummies