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Li Hung-Chang

His Life and Times

Paperback Engels 2010 9781108024006
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Alicia Little (1845–1926) was a prolific writer who moved to China after her marriage to missionary Archibald Little (1838–1907) in 1866. She published many accounts of Chinese culture and society before founding the successful campaign against foot-binding in 1895. This volume, first published in 1903, contains her biography of the eminent Chinese statesman Li Hung–Chang (1823–1901). Li was a towering figure in late nineteenth century Chinese political life, exerting a profound influence over Chinese foreign policy and relations and overseeing China's development of western style industrialism until his dramatic fall from power following China's defeat in the 1894 Sino-Japanese War. Using contemporary newspaper accounts, eyewitness descriptions, and interviews with his contemporaries, Little describes Li's life chronologically, describing his rise to prominence following the Taiping Rebellion in 1851. This volume was the first extensive account of Li's life to be published in English.


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Uitgever:Cambridge University Press


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1. Introduction - the beginnings of Li Hung-Chang (1823–1851); 2. The first years of the Taiping Rebellion (1851–1862); 3. The Taiping Rebellion: the episode of Burgevine (1863); 4. The Taiping Rebellion: the betrayal of faith (1863); 5. The end of the Taiping Rebellion: Li, Gordon, and Chang (1863–1864); 6. The aftermath of the Taiping Rebellion (1864–1868); 7. Promotion to Chihli: vagaries of the Yellow River (1869–1873); 8. The Emperor Tung-Chih: his marriage and death (1872–1875); 9. Diplomatic experiences (1873–1876); 10. Chang Chih-Tung, the incorruptible; 11. Things domestic (1877–1881); 12. Treaties and war-clouds (1879–1886); 13. The Viceroy's mother (1882–1883); 14. Minor affairs (1884–1887); 15. Personages and personal matters (1887–1889); 16. The visit of the Czarevitch (1891); 17. Purely personal; 18. Intrigues and troubles (1891–1894); 19. The Japanese War (1894–1895); 20. Peace negotiations (1895); 21. Li's triumphal progress (1896); 22. Coup de théatre and coup d'état (1896–1899); 23. The Boxer outbreak (1899–1901); 24. Peace - and death (1900–1901); Appendices; Index.

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