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Regulating Religion in Asia

Norms, Modes, and Challenges

Paperback Engels 2020 9781108949316
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In recent years, law and religion scholarship has increasingly emphasized the need to study the interaction of legal and religious ideas and institutions, norms and practices. The overall question that this scholarship explores may be stated as follows: how do legal and religious ideas and institutions, methods and mechanisms, beliefs and believers influence each other, for better and for worse, in the past, present and future? This volume engages this area of scholarship by examining how law regulates religion, and how religion responds to such regulations. It examines underlying norms influencing state regulation of religion, and challenges emerging from such regulation. Importantly, this volume will go beyond the conventional enquiries that draw upon the Anglo-European approaches and experiences, and emphasize instead Asian perspectives in order to expand and build upon existing understandings about the complex relationship between law and religion.


Aantal pagina's:341
Uitgever:Cambridge University Press


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lntroduction: regulating religion in Asia: Part I. Theorizing Regulation: 1. Regulatory markers Arif A. Jamal; 2. Conceptualizing the regulation of religion Jaclyn L. Neo; 3. The role of authority and sanctity in state-religion conflicts Shai Wozner and Gilad Abiri; 4. Jurisdictional vs. official control: regulating the Buddhist Saṅgha South and Southeast Asia Ben Schontal; 5. Defining and regulating religion in early independent Indonesia Kevin Fogg; Part II. Regulating Religion: State Practice and Legal Norms: 6. Principled pluralism, relational constitutionalism and regulating religion within Singapore's secular democratic model Thio Li-ann; 7. Legal regulation of religion in Vietnam Bui Ngoc Son; 8. Regulating Buddhism in Myanmar: the case of deviant Buddhist sects Nyi Nyi Kyaw; 9. The bureaucratization of religious education in the Islamic Republic of Iran Mirjam Künkler; 10. Managing religious competition in China: case study of regulating social and charitable service provisions by religious organizations Jianlin Chen and Loveday J. Liu; Part III. Challenges to State Regulation: 11. Regulating religion through administrative law: religious conversion in Malaysia beyond fundamental rights Matthew Nelson and Dian Shah; 12. Legal pluralism, patronage secularism and the challenge of prophetic Christianity in Singapore Daniel Goh; 13. Equality in secularism: contemporary debates on social stratification and the Indian constitution Mohsin Alam; 14. Regulating the state and the Hawza: legal pluralism and the ironies of Shi'i law Haider Hamoudi.

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        Regulating Religion in Asia