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Real-Time Marketing & PR (Revised and updated)

How to instantly engage your market, connect with customers, and create products that grow your business now

Gebonden Engels 2011 9781118155998
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In het boek Real-Time Marketing & PR onthult Meerman Scott de beproefde, praktische stappen om uw bedrijf mee te nemen in het real-time tijdperk. Ontdek hoe te handelen en flexibel te reageren als gebeurtenissen zich voordoen. Lees hoe u uw merk kan positioneren in de 'wereld van het web' en hoe u gênante fouten en misstappen kan vermijden.


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Over David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is expert op het gebied van online marketing. Hij is een veelgevraagd spreker op seminars en congressen over marketing, social media en PR. Eerder schreef hij World Wide Rave, Real-Time Marketing & PR en Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. Lees zijn blog op www.WebInkNow.com of volg hem via twitter.com@dmscott.

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Part 1: Revolution Time.
1. Grow Your Business Now.
-Dave's Slingshot Goes Viral on Goliath.
-The Stories behind the Story: United Airlines, Taylor Guitars, and Calton Cases.
-Break a Taylor Guitar and You Break this Man's Heart.
-A Teachable Moment.
-Case Study in Real-Time Product Development.
-United Comes Untied.
-Dave's Big Win.
-Real-Time Engagement.

2. Speed versus Sloth: Dispatches from the Front.
-Google Finally Gets It.
-Caught on the News Cycle Hamster Wheel.
-Feeling an Invisible Presence in the Conference Hall.
-What Matters Now.
-Can You See the Pattern?

3. Laying Down Some Real-Time Law.
-The New Laws on Speed.
-The Real-Time Power Law.
-The Real-Time Law of Normal Distribution.
-How Would You React?

4. Real-Time Attitude.
-Business as Usual.
-The Real-Time Mind-Set.
-No More Business as Usual.
-It's Not the Tools, It's the Mind-Set Behind Them.

5. Too Big to Succeed?
-Boeing's Radar Belatedly Spots Harry's Plane.
-Thank You for Your Inquiry.
-Contact Us (Or Not).
-Making Contact.
-How Fast Does the Fortune 100 Respond?

6. Engage the Media at Their Convenience.
-Always On.
-The Revolution, Live on YouTube and Twitter.
-Get in Sync with the Real-Time News Cycle.
-The Old Media Relations Timeline.
-Amazon as Big Brother.
-Now: While News Is Happening.
-Multiple Takes, One Story.
-How They Make News in Real Time.
-Did You Hear the One about the Pornographic Robocall?
-How to Engage the Media in Real Time.

7. Crisis Communications and the Media.
-Eurostar and Silence.
-Twitter as a Crisis Communications Tool.
-Real-Time Media Alerts.
-Connect with Journalists before You Need Them.
-Thrust into the News When You Least Expect It.
-When You Have Hot News.
-How to Deflate a Scandal.
-The Time Is Now.
-The Million-Dollar Door.

8. What Are People Saying about You This Instant?
-Who the Hell Are These People?
-Tracking Those You Know.
-Choosing to Respond (Or Not).
-Listening in to Millions of Discussions in Real Time.
-A $250-Grand Tweet!
-Turning around a Critic.
-When You Don't Have an Immediate Answer.
-Social Web Analytics.
-A Selection of Social Web Analytics Services.
-How Even the Biggest Can Be Seamlessly Social.

9. Tap the Crowd for Quick Action.
-How to Title a Book or Name a Product.
-A Crowd for Any Purpose.
-Finding the Right Crowd.
-Massive Brainstorm.
-Crowdsourcing a Movie for Free.
-You Gotta Give to Get.

Part 2: Connect with Your Market.
10. Real-Time Customer Connection.
-Connecting with Customers Is Marketing and PR.
-Why Should I Help You?
-Interacting with Customers in Real Time.
-Friends Tweet Friends First.
-Embracing the Tweet.
-Let Followers Feel the Love on Twitter.
-How Can You Fight a Fire after the House Burns Down?
-Meet Your Critics on Their Turf.
-Put the CEO to Work.
-It Can Happen to You!
-Respond Rapidly with Instant Web Sites.
-Multiple Communications Channels.
-Reaching Fans.

11. Going Mobile, Real Time Is All the Time.
-Tapping the World for Recommendations.
-Looking to Buy a House.
-Reaching Buyers via Mobile.

12. They Want It Immediately.
-I Want It Now.
-Real Time with the Grateful Dead.
-Real-Time Products for Your Marketplace.
-Hot Jobs in Real Time?
-Book Publisher Goes Real Time with Truman Fires MacArthur.
-Real-Time Futures Trading Training Course.

Part 3: Grow Your Business Now.
13. Let Them Communicate . . . Now.
-Real-Time Communications Policy.
-How to Develop Real-Time Communications Guidelines.
-Publishing Your Guidelines.
-Encouraging Communications.
-When One of the Flock Strays.
-Chief Real-Time Communications Officer.
-Let Employees Communicate Now.

14. How Your Web Site Becomes a Real-Time Machine.
-Respond Now, While Buyers Are Hot.
-Know When She's Ready for You.
-Test It Out!
-What's the Other Guy Doing?

15. Make the Sale.
-Real-Time, Data-Driven Marketing and Sales.
-Real-Time Technology.
-I Heard You Just Came into Some Wealth!
-Make Your Sales Team Love You.
-Real-Time Sales Playbooks.
-They Know What I'm Doing!

16. Business at the Speed of Now.
-The Mass-Media Aberration.
-Lutz and Me.
-Yes, We're Listening!
-TweetDeck in Motown.
-GM Learns to Show Its Human Face.
-Lutz Always Gets the Last Word.
-How Real-Time Communications Sells Cars.
-Starting Up in Real Time.
-Improvising under the Volcano.
-It's about Focusing the Mind-Set on the Tools.

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        Real-Time Marketing & PR (Revised and updated)