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CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Study Guide

Exam FC0-U61

Ingenaaid Engels 2018 9781119513124
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NOTE: The name of the exam has changed from IT Fundamentals to IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+). However, the FC0-U61 exam objectives are exactly the same. After the book was printed with IT Fundamentals in the title, CompTIA changed the name to IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+). We have corrected the title to IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) in subsequent book printings, but earlier printings that were sold may still show IT Fundamentals in the title. Please rest assured that the book content is 100% the same.

The ultimate study guide for the essential entry-level IT cert!

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Study Guide: Exam FC0-U61, Second Edition is your ideal companion for comprehensive exam preparation. Covering 100 percent of the latest exam objectives, this book contains everything you need to know to pass with flying colors—the first time! Clear, concise language breaks down fundamental IT concepts to help you truly grasp important concepts, and practical examples illustrate how each new skill is applied in real-world situations. You’ll learn your way around hardware and software, conduct installations, and connect to networks to get a workstation up and running smoothly; you’ll also develop the knowledge base needed to identify compatibility and security issues, mitigate risks, and conduct all-important preventative maintenance that keeps the end-user problem-free.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification validates your skills as a systems support specialist, and gets your foot in the door to a successful IT career. This book is your ultimate preparation resource, with expert guidance backed by online tools to take your preparation to the next level!

- Master 100 percent of Exam FC0-U61 objectives
- Learn real-world applications and practical on-the-job skills
- Know what to expect with exam highlights and review questions
- Access online study tools including flashcards, chapter tests, a practice exam, and more!

The IT department is instrumental in keeping any organization on its feet. As support staff, you will be called upon to assess and repair common problems, set up and configure workstations, address individual issues, and much more. If you decide to continue on to more advanced IT positions, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is a great springboard; if you’re ready to launch your career, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Study Guide offers complete, practical prep to help you face the exam with confidence.


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Quentin Docter

Quentin Docter (Loveland, OH), A+, MCSE, CNE, CCNA, SCSA, has spent more than 17 years in the IT field. His experience includes technician, network administrator, consultant, trainer, author, and web developer. He is presently an IT consultant and well-respected author.

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Introduction xxi
Assessment Test xxxi

Chapter 1 Core Hardware Components 1
Introducing Internal Components 3
Exploring Motherboards, Processors, and Memory 4
Motherboards 4
Processors 22
Memory 27
Exploring Storage and Expansion Devices 33
Hard Drives 33
Optical Drives 42
Video Cards 43
Sound Cards 45
Network Cards 46
Modems 47
Exploring Power and Cooling 48
Power Supplies 48
Cooling Systems 52
Summary 55
Exam Essentials 56
Chapter 1 Written Lab 56
Review Questions 59

Chapter 2 Peripherals and Connectors 63
Understanding Common Peripherals, Interfaces, and Connectors 65
Audio and Video Devices 66
External Storage and Communications Connectors 80
Input and Output Devices 92
Understanding Installation Basics 109
Reviewing Connector Types 113
Summary 114
Exam Essentials 115
Chapter 2 Lab 116
Review Questions 117

Chapter 3 Computing Devices and the Internet of Things 121
Exploring Common Computing Devices 123
Servers and Workstations 123
Laptops 125
Tablets and Smartphones 132
Gaming Consoles 155
Understanding the Internet of Things 158
A Brief History of the Internet of Things 158
Consumer Uses 159
Commercial Uses 162
Potential Issues 165
Summary 167
Exam Essentials 167
Chapter 3 Lab 168
Review Questions 169

Chapter 4 Operating Systems 173
Operating System Fundamentals 175
A Brief History of Operating Systems 176
Basic Functions of Operating Systems 180
Types of Operating Systems 185
Managing an Operating System 207
Managing Features and Interfaces 208
Managing Folder and File Structures 229
Summary 241
Exam Essentials 241
Chapter 4 Lab 242
Review Questions 247

Chapter 5 Software Applications 251
Understanding Application Architecture and Installation 254
Application Design Concepts 255
Software Management Best Practices 260
Exploring Common Application Types 276
File Extensions 277
Productivity Software 280
Collaboration Software 285
Business Software 289
Utility Software 293
Web Browsers 304
Summary 318
Exam Essentials 319
Chapter 5 Lab 320
Review Questions 321

Chapter 6 Software Development 325
Exploring Programming Languages 327
Assembly Language 328
Compiled Languages 333
Interpreted Languages 335
Query Languages 339
Understanding Programming Concepts and Techniques 340
Programming Logic 341
Organizing Code 343
Summary 347
Exam Essentials 348
Chapter 6 Lab 349
Review Questions 350
Chapter 7 Database Fundamentals 355
Understanding Databases 357
Exploring Database Concepts and Structures 358
Working with Databases 367
Summary 380
Exam Essentials 380
Chapter 7 Lab 381
Review Questions 384

Chapter 8 Networking Concepts and Technologies 389
Exploring Connection Types and Features 391
Choosing External Network Connections 392
Choosing Internal Network Connections 403
Understanding Network Connectivity Essentials 411
Common Networking Devices 411
Networking Protocol Basics 415
TCP/IP Essentials 416
Network Storage Options 424
Setting Up a Wireless Network 428
Basic Configuration 428
Wireless Router Security 438
Additional Wireless Router Services 440
Summary 445
Exam Essentials 445
Chapter 8 Lab 446

Part 1: Setting Up Your Wireless Router 446

Part 2: Testing Your Neighbors 446
Review Questions 447

Chapter 9 Security Concepts and Threats 451
Understanding Hackers and Motives 454
Understanding Security Threats 457
Confidentiality Concerns 458
Integrity Concerns 463
Availability Concerns 465
Software-Based Security Threats 468
Understanding Access Control 476
Authentication 476
Authorization 479
Accounting 480
Nonrepudiation 482
Summary 482
Exam Essentials 483
Chapter 9 Lab 484
Review Questions 485

Chapter 10 Security Best Practices 489
Understanding Security Best Practices 491
Device Hardening 491
Managing Users 515
Using Data Encryption 520
Summary 527
Exam Essentials 528
Chapter 10 Lab 529
Review Questions 530

Chapter 11 Business Continuity and Computer Support 535
Understanding Business Continuity 537
Fault Tolerance 537
Disaster Recovery 551
Exploring Computer Support Concepts 552
Understanding Troubleshooting Theory 552
Troubleshooting Examples 563
Summary 581
Exam Essentials 582
Chapter 11 Lab 583
Review Questions 584

Appendix A Answers to Written Labs 589

Index 613

Table of Exercises

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