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ISE Business and Society

Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy

Paperback Engels 2022 9781265079246
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In a world economy that is becoming increasingly integrated and interdependent, the relationship between business and society is becoming ever more complex. The globalization of business, the emergence of civil society organizations in many nations, and new government regulations and international agreements have significantly altered the job of managers and the nature of strategic decision making within the firm.

The Seventeenth Edition of 'Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy' draws on the latest research to address the challenges facing business organizations and their stakeholders. The text builds on its legacy of market leadership by reexamining central issues.


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PART ONE: Business in Society 
Chapter 1: The Corporation and Its Stakeholders 
Chapter 2: Managing Public Issues and Stakeholder Relationships 
Chapter 3: Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship 
Chapter 4: Business in a Globalized World 

PART TWO: Business and Ethics 
Chapter 5: Ethics and Ethical Reasoning 
Chapter 6: Organizational Ethics

PART THREE: Business and Public Policy 
Chapter 7: Business–Government Relations 
Chapter 8: Influencing the Political Environment 

PART FOUR: Business and the Natural Environment 
Chapter 9: Sustainable Development and Global Business 
Chapter 10: Managing for Sustainability 

PART FIVE: Business and Technology 
Chapter 11: The Role of Technology 
Chapter 12: Regulating and Managing Technology 

PART SIX: Business and Its Stakeholders 
Chapter 13: Shareholder Rights and Corporate Governance 
Chapter 14: Consumer Protection 
Chapter 15: Employees and the Corporation 
Chapter 16: Managing a Diverse Workforce 
Chapter 17: Business and Its Suppliers 
Chapter 18: The Community and the Corporation 
Chapter 19: Managing the Public and the Corporate Reputation 

1. Failure by Design: Boeing and the 737 Max
2. Profiting from Pain: Business and the U.S. Opioid Epidemic 
3. Banning American Parts in Chinese Mobile Phones: Economic Sanctions, Political Influence, and Trump’s Trade War 
4. BP Blowout: The Aftermath of the Gulf Oil Disaster 
5. Wells Fargo’s Unauthorized Customer Accounts 
6. The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster 
7. Starbucks at the Airport: Discrimination in Public Spaces 
8. Nestlé and Child Labor in the Cocoa Supply Chain 
9. The Boycott of Stoli Vodka  

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        ISE Business and Society