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Paperback Engels 2022 9781265192075
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“Public speaking matters. Being able to speak confidently in front of an audience helps you succeed in school, at work, and in your community. I look forward to helping your voice be heard.” - Kory Floyd, Author 

Author, Kory Floyd, presents a balance of theory and application in the third edition of Public Speaking Matters providing opportunities for students to put into practice what they just read. Public Speaking Matters teaches students that adapting to the context of the speech—including the cultural backgrounds of their listeners, the ethical challenges of informing and persuading, and ever-changing technology—is crucial to public speaking success. 

With Connect for Public Speaking, students will have access to a suite of assessments and presentation tools. Students will learn the essential skills of speech crafting, delivery, and media proficiency required to help them become successful and confident speakers in the classroom, the community, and the workplace.


Uitgever:McGraw-Hill Education


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PART 1 The Practice of Public Speaking
1              Adapt for Speaking Success
2              Manage Speech Anxiety
3              Practice and Promote Effective Listening
4              Speak Ethically

PART 2 Getting Started with Your Speech
5              Know and Adapt to Your Audience
6              Determine Your Purposes and Select a Topic

PART 3 Supporting Your Speech
7              Locate Supporting Materials
8              Evaluate Supporting Materials
9              Cite Sources in Your Speech

PART 4 Organizing and Developing Your Speech
10           Outline Your Speech
11           Organize the Body of Your Speech
12           Introduce and Conclude Your Speech
13           Use Language Expertly

PART 5 Forms of Speeches
14           Speak to Inform
15           Speak to Persuade
16           Practice Persuasiveness
17           Speak in Small Groups
18           Speak on the Job
19           Speak on Special Occasions

PART 6 Presenting Your Speech
20           Choose and Rehearse a Method of Delivery
21           Use Your Body and Voice Effectively
22           Use Presentation Aids Effectively


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