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Researching Families and Relationships

Reflections on Process

Paperback Engels 2011 9781349322091
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This collection focuses on the real life experiences of conducting emprical research about families and relationships, with an emphasis on the actualities of doing research and the experiences of being a researcher.


Uitgever:Palgrave Macmillan UK


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Foreword Editors' Biographies Contributors' Biographies Introduction Framing Relationships and Families; D.Morgan Researching Men's Same-Sex Relationships in a Socially-Excluding Context: The Case of Nigeria; D.Allman Researching Social Attitudes towards Families and Relationships; F.Wasoff When a Family is Not a 'Family': The Value of Confusion in Cross-Cultural Research; I.Naumann Losing (my) Autonomy Under the Ethical Committee's Gaze; S.Wilson Where is the Care? Conceptualising and Researching Families' Responsibilities and Work in a Survey; L.McKie  & A.Smith Engaging with Families and Relationships; K.Tisdall Unfamiliar Places and Other People's Spaces: Reflections on the Practical Challenges of Researching Families in their Homes; A .MacLean Researching Children and Families in Schools; J.Spratt Hanging About and Hanging in There: Dilemmas in Managing Research Relationships with Young People; K.Philip Dad Said 'She Won't Talk' … but He Does: Messy Realities of Negotiating Access to Children through Parental Gatekeepers; L.Hill See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Do Children In Distress Take Second Place?; S.Nelson In the Field: Research Relationships; A.Bancroft Only Nodding and Smiling: Reflections on Feelings of Complicity in Interviewing; A.Bell 'I Don't Know Where to Put Myself': The Boundaries of Researcher Roles and Responsibilities; G.Highet Performing Secrecy: Maintaining the Hidden Identity of Research Informants in Public; J.Speirs Keeping it in the Family: Conducting Research Interviews with your own Family Members; J.Seymour Is There a Place for Physical Engagement in the Adult Researcher-Child Participant Research Relationship?; S.Milne Time and Place: In and Beyond 'the Field' Stuart; C.Aitken Second best? Raising the Status of Telephone Interviewing in Research; E.Davidson 'I Can't Share That With You Yet': The Line between Protecting Premature Research Findings and being a Cooperative Colleague; G.Nowak Making it Through the Night: The Experience and Impact of doing Research on Night-Time Care; H.Wilkinson The Uncomfortable Context: Reflections on Time and Space when Researching Young People's Experiences of Parental Substance Misuse; K.Houmøller  & S.Bernays Feeling at Home: Researching Children's Experiences of Residential Care; S.Elsley Interpreting and Representing Families and Relationships; L.Jamieson "The Things Children Say": Understanding Children as Narrators of their Lives; A.James The Emotional Impacts of Working with Sensitive Secondary Data; S.Jackson, K.Backett-Milburn  & E.Newell Hearing Men Changed my Mind but it is Still a Feminist Issue!; S.Kelly Using Mixed Methods to Research Families and Relationships; V.May Making Sense of Family Resemblance: The Politics of Visual Perception; K.Davies What Happens Next? Getting Research into Policy and Practice; S.Morton  & S.Nutley Sharing Slippery Knowledge: Handling the Unintended Impact of Knowledge Exchange; H.Wilkinson The Process of Editing from Academic to 'Real World' Language; J.Flueckiger Dissemination – 'Sounds Painful!': Experiences in a Dedicated Knowledge Exchange Role on a Government Survey; L.Kelly Construing or Misconstruing Families in Research and Media; V.Skafida Communicating Edinburgh City Council's Annual Neighbourhood Survey; D.Porteous Conclusion Pains and Pleasures The Future of Families and Relationships Research References

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        Researching Families and Relationships