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New Venture Creation

A Framework for Entrepreneurial Start-ups

Paperback Engels 2018 9781352000504
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If you are looking for an engaging textbook, rich in learning features, which will help you to guide your students through the process of developing and launching a start-up, this is it. With his innovative New Venture Creation Framework, Paul Burns breaks the venture creation process up into three key phases: Research, Business Model Development, and Launch. At every stage crucial steps and considerations are revealed, providing comprehensive coverage of the subject. Practical advice is combined with academic research, enabling you to run a course which is both relevant and rigorous. 
The second edition of this popular textbook is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate course in new venture creation. It will also prove useful for shorter courses on entrepreneurship and in enterprise centres and entrepreneurship hubs.




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I. RESEARCH PHASE.- Entrepreneurship.- 1. What you bring to entrepreneurship.- Business idea.- 2. Finding your business idea.- Industry and markets.- 3. Understanding your industry and markets.- II. BUSINESS MODEL DEVELOPMENT PHASE.- Market segments and value propositions.- 4. Structuring your business model.- 5. Crafting your value proposition and branding.- Marketing plan.- 6. Developing your marketing mix.- 7. Communicating your value proposition.- 8. Scalability and growth.- Operations plan.- 9. Legal foundations.- 10. Managing operations and risk.- Resources.- 11. Managing and leading people.- 12. Financial resources.- Financial plan.- 13. Preparing and using financial forecasts.- III. LAUNCH AND VALIDATION PHASE.- Business model and business plan.- 14. Preparing, using and validating the business plan

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        New Venture Creation