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Introducing Visual C# 2010

Get started on your C# journey with an expert by your side leading by example

Paperback Engels 2010 9781430231714
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If you're new to C# programming, this book is the ideal way to get started. Respected author Adam Freeman guides you through the C# language by carefully building up your knowledge from fundamental concepts to advanced features.

The book gradually builds up your knowledge, using the concepts you have already grasped to support those that come next. You will explore all the core areas of the C# language and the .NET Framework on which it runs. Particular attention is paid to the creation of Web and Windows applications and data access-danger zones where novice programmers often go awry in their early coding attempts.

'Introducing Visual C# 2010' is a comprehensive primer. Even if you have no previous programming experience, you can have confidence in the fact that you'll be able to build well constructed web and Windows applications of your own once you have finished reading this book.

What you'll learn:
- Understand the fundamentals of the C# language's syntax and grammar and use it to create Web and Windows applications.
- Use the C#object oriented programming features to save you time and increase the language's flexibility.
- Connect to a wide range of data sources and incorporate their information into your programs.
- Use the key time and effort saving features of C# such as generics, lambda expressions, and delegates.
- Use the huge array of supporting technologies that .NET 4 provides such as the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET and LINQ

This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning about Microsoft's Visual C# 2010 language. Whether you have no previous coding experience or are bringing some existing skills with you from another programming language, this book will teach you everything you need to know to confidently create your own C# programs.


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Over Adam Freeman

Adam Freeman is an experienced IT professional who has held senior positions in a range of companies, most recently as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer of a global bank. He has written several of books on Java and .NET and has had a long-term interest in all things parallel.

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About the author
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Part 1: Getting started
1. Introduction
2. getting ready
3. Understanding C# and the .NET Framework

Part 2: The C# language
4. C# fundamentals and keyword reference
5. Numeric and Boolean types
6. Classes and objects
7. Fields
8. Properties, indexers, and operators
9. Methods
10. Delegates, events, and anonymus methods
11. Namespaces
12. Interfaces, Structs, and Enums
13. Arrays
14. Exceptions
15. Generic and Anonymous types
16. strings and characters
17. Attributes
18. Garbage collections

Part 3: The .NET Class library
19. Collections
20. Files, streams, and IO
21. Networking & WCF
22. Time & Dates
23. Serialization
24. Serialization
25. Asynchronous method and parallel loops
26. Other useful features and classes

Part 4: Data and Databases
27. LINQ to Objects
28. Paralell LINQ
29. LINQ and XML
30. LINQ to Entities
31. LINQ to DataSet

Part 5: User Interfaces
32. Windows Forms
33. Windows presentation foundation
35. Silverlight

Part 6: Advanced topics
36. Windows integration
37. Cryptography and security
38. Testing and debugging


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        Introducing Visual C# 2010