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Computing with C# and the .NET Framework

Paperback Engels 2011 9781449615505
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Thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 'Computing with C# and the .NET Framework, 2nd Edition' carefully introduces object-oriented and event-driven programming with numerous examples, so students can grasp these difficult concepts and then apply them. Appropriate for the two-term CS1 and introductory C# programming courses, this text takes a spiral approach to teach objects, starting with simple intuitive examples, then simple class design, and progresses to the more difficult aspects of inheritance and polymorphism. Similarly with events, the spiral approach is used to introduce simple paint event first, proceeding to user interfaces and event handlers. The many and varied types of exercises provide students with the practice they need to fully comprehend this popular programming language.

The basics are covered including fundamentals of C#, concepts of object-oriented and event-driven programming, as well as more advanced topics, including data structures, threads, networking, database access, XML, and Web programming. 'Computing with C# and the.NET Framework, 2nd Edition is the comprehensive one-volume reference for modern C#-based .NET technology!

New and Key Features of the Second Edition:
- Includes the new and relevant features of the C# language through version 4
- Chapter 12 (Data Structures) has been rewritten to use generic collections
- A new section has been added to introduce Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
- Includes named and optional method arguments, anonymous functions, implicitly typed local variables, and object and collection initialization
- Contains a new appendix that provides examples showing how to use Visual Studio or Visual C# Express
- Provides numerous and varied exercises to allow the student to assimilate concepts and techniques


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. An introduction to Computing with C#
2. C# Programming Basics
3. Software Engineering with Control Structures
4. More Control Structures and Types
5. Getting Started with Object-Oriented Programming
6. Working with Objects
7. Arrays
8. Event-Driven Programming
9. User Interfaces
10. Inheritance
11. Exception Handling and Input/Output
12. Data Structures
13. Threads and Animation
14. Networking
15. Using a Database
17. XML

A: Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
B: Bitwise and Shift Operators
C: Operator Precendence Table
D: The ASCII Character Test
E: Simple Types
F: Using Visual Studio or Visual C# Express

Answers to Selected Exercises


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        Computing with C# and the .NET Framework