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Head First Python

A Brain-Friendly Guide (Covers Python 5)

Paperback Engels 2016
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Want to learn the Python language without slogging your way through how-to manuals? With ' Head First Python', you’ll quickly grasp Python’s fundamentals, working with the built-in data structures and functions. Then you’ll move on to building your very own webapp, exploring database management, exception handling, and data wrangling. If you’re intrigued by what you can do with context managers, decorators, comprehensions, and generators, it’s all here. This second edition is a complete learning experience that will help you become a bonafide Python programmer in no time.

Why does this book look so different? Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Pythonuses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.


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Over Paul Barry

Paul Barry is formally educated and trained in Computer Science and holds a Masters Degree in Computing Science. He has been programming professionally, on and off, for close to 20 years. Paul already has two textbooks to his name, and is also a Contributing Editor to Linux Journal magazine. His day job is with the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland where he has spent over a decade preparing Ireland's next generation of computing folk to be productive in the workforce. His role as a lecturer affords him the opportunity to explore, learn and teach the very latest programming technologies and practices, which is something that he enjoys even though he knows this makes him a bonafide "geek". Paul lives just outside the town of Carlow in Ireland with his wife, two sons, daughter, two dogs and cat. There's a bunch of computers and a growing collection of music instruments in the house, too (and like a lot of the Head First family, Paul is a struggling guitarist trapped inside a geek's body). He has so far resisted any suggestion that the family acquire a hamster ... or a set of drums.

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1. The Basics: Getting Started Quickly
2. List Data: Working With Ordered Data
3. Structured Data: Working With Structured Data
4. Code Reuse: Functions & Modules
5. Building a Webapp: Getting Real
6. Storing & Manipulating Data: Where To Put Your Data
7. Using a Database: Putting Python’s DB-API To Use
8. A Little Bit of Class: Abstracting Behavior and State
9. The Context Management Protocol: Hooking Into Python’s With Statement
10. Function Decorators: Wrapping Functions
11. Exception Handling: What to Do When Things Go Wrong
12. 11¾ A Little Bit of Threading: Dealing With Waiting
13. Advanced Iteration: Looping Like Crazy

Appendix A: Installation: Installing Python
Appendix B: Pythonanywhere: Deploying Your Webapp
Appendix C: Top Ten Things We Didn’t Cover: There’s Always More To Learn
Appendix D: Top Ten Projects Not Covered: Even More Tools, Libraries, And Modules


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