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Endothelial Signaling in Development and Disease

Gebonden Engels 2015 9781493929061
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This book surveys healthy and diseased vascular systems in a multitude of model organisms and systems. It explores a plethora of functions, characteristics, and pathologies of the vascular system such as angiogenesis, fibroblast growth factor signaling, lymphangiogenesis, junctional signaling, the extracellular matrix, vascular permeability, leukocyte extravasation, axon guidance factors, the angiopoietin system, and chronic obstructive lung disease. Following a preface from leading researcher Dr. Holger Gerhardt, the text is divided into three sections- the first examining the development of the vascular system in a variety of contexts, the second delving into its homeostatic characteristics, and the third discussing its pathophysiologies. The sixteen chapters, which represent international clinical and research perspectives, highlight the importance of molecular and signaling pathways for translational basic science and clinical medicine. Additionally, the text explores new and exciting fields in vascular biology research. Comprehensive in both content and approach, Vascular Signaling in Health and Disease is ideal for graduate students, researchers, and clinicians interested in vascular biology, pneumology, and molecular biology.


Uitgever:Springer New York


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.-1 VEGF and Notch Signaling in Angiogenesis

.-2 Vascular Developmeng in the Zebrafish

.-3 Smooth Muscle Cells and Pericytes in Vascular Development

.-4 FGF Signaling in Vascular Development

.-5 Transcriptional Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis

.-6 Junctional Signaling in Endothelial Cells

.-7 More than a Scaffold: Extracellular Matrix in Vascular Signaling

.-8 VEGF-induced Vascular Permeability and Leukocyte Extravasation

.-9 Epoxyeicosatrienoic Acids and Endothelium-Dependent Responses

.-10 The Role of Coagulation Factor Signaling in Angiogenesis and Vascular Remodeling

.-11 Axon Guidance Factors in Developmental and Pathological Angiogenesis

.-12 The Vasculature in the Diseased Eye

.-13 The Tie/Angiopoietin System in Angiogenesis: From Development to Disease

.-14 Oxygen Signaling in Physiological and Pathological Angiogenesis

.-15 The Pulmonary Vasculature in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.-16 Nitric Oxide Synthesis in Vascular Pathology and Pathophysiology

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        Endothelial Signaling in Development and Disease