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The Storyteller's Secret

How TED Speakers and Inspirational Leaders Turn Their Passion into Performance

Paperback Engels 2018 9781509814763
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How did an American immigrant without a college education go from Venice Beach T-shirt vendor to television's most successful producer? How did a timid pastor's son surmount a paralysing fear of public speaking to sell out Yankee Stadium, twice? How did the city of Tokyo create a PowerPoint stunning enough to win them the chance to host the Olympics?They told brilliant stories. Whether your goal is to sell, educate, fundraise or entertain, your story is your most valuable asset: 'a strategic tool with irresistible power', according to the New York Times. Stories inspire; they persuade; they galvanize movements and actuate global change.

A well-told story hits you like a punch to the gut; it triggers the light-bulb moment, the 'aha' that illuminates the path to innovation. Radical transformation can occur in an instant, with a single sentence; The Storyteller's Secret teaches you how to craft your most powerful delivery ever. In his hugely attended Talk Like TED events, bestselling author and communications guru Carmine Gallo found, again and again, that audiences wanted to discover the keys to telling a powerful story.

'The Storyteller's Secret'unlocks the answer in fifty lessons from visionary leaders - each of whom cites storytelling as a crucial ingredient in success. A good story can spark action and passion; it can revolutionize the way people think and spur them to chase their dreams. Isn't it time you shared yours?


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Over Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo verwierf wereldwijd bekendheid met zijn boeken Masterclass Steve Jobs (de innovatie-geheimen van Steve Jobs), Fire them up! (de zeven simpele geheimen van de meest inspirerende leiders ter wereld) en Talk Like Ted (zijn meest recente boek waarin hij het succes van de meest bekeken sprekers op Ted analyseert). Hij was als correspondent jarenlang werkzaam voor CBS en CNN en wordt gezien als een toonaangevende communicatie coach. Hij werkt direct met de leiders van de grootste merken ter wereld.

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        The Storyteller's Secret