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Cisco Express Forwarding

Understanding and troubleshooting CEF in Cisco routers and switches

Gebonden Engels 2007 9781587052361
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How does a router switch a packet? What is the difference between routing a packet, switching a frame, and packet switching? What is the Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) feature referred to in Cisco documentation and commonly found in Cisco IOS commands? CEF is a general term that describes the mechanism by which Cisco routers and Catalyst switches packet-switch (route) frames. CEF is found in almost all Cisco routers and Catalyst switches, and understanding how CEF operates can improve the performance, scalability, and efficiency of your network.

'Cisco Express Forwarding' demystifies the internal workings of Cisco routers and switches, making it easier for you to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues that arise in Cisco network environments. This book addresses common misconceptions about CEF and packet switching across various platforms, helping you to improve your troubleshooting skills for CEF- and non-CEF-related problems.

The first part of the book provides an overview of packet-switching architectures and CEF operation and advanced features. It also covers the enhanced CEF structure and general troubleshooting. The second part of the book provides case studies that focus on the common topics that have been problematic for customers and those supporting Cisco networks.

Full of practical examples and configurations, this book draws on years of experience to help you keep your Cisco networks running efficiently.

- Learn the key features of packet-switching architectures
- Understand the basics of the CEF architecture and operation
- Examine the enhanced CEF structure, which improves scalability
- Learn how to troubleshoot in software-switching environments
- Understand the effect of CEF on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 720
- Configure and troubleshoot load sharing with CEF
- Evaluate the effect of CEF in an MPLS VPN environment
- Review CEF design considerations that impact scalability

This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing


Aantal pagina's:261
Uitgever:Cisco Press
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Part 1: Understanding, Configuring, and Troubleshooting CEF
1. Introduction to Packet-Switching Architectures
-Routing and Switching
-Understanding Router Pieces and Parts
-Cisco IOS Software: The Brains
-Processes and Scheduling
-Putting the Pieces Together: Switching a Packet
-Hardware and Software show Commands

2. Understanding Cisco Express Forwarding
-Evolving Packet-Switching Methods
-CEF Tables
-CEF Table Entries
-FIB Entries
-Generic FIB Entries
-Interface-Specific FIB Entries
-Special Adjacencies
-Switching a Packet with CEF
-The CEF Epoch
-Configuring CEF/dCEF

3. CEF Enhanced Scalability
-Fundamental Changes to CEF for CSSR
-Changes to show Command
-New show ip cef Commands
-New show cef Commands
-CEF Event Logger
-CEF Consistency Checker
-New CEF Processes

4. Basic IP Connectivity and CEF Troubleshooting
-Troubleshooting IP Connectivity
-Troubleshooting Punt Adjacencies
-Understanding CEF Error Messages
-Troubleshooting Commands Reference

Part 2: CEF Case Studies
5. Understanding Packet Switching on the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 720
-CEF Switching Architecture on the Cisco Catalyst 6500
-Troubleshooting CEF on the Catalyst 6500 SUP720 Platforms

6. Load Sharing with CEF
-Benefits of Load Sharing
-Load Sharing with Process Switching and Fast Switching
-Comparing CEF Per-Packet and CEF Per-Destination Load Sharing
-Per-Packet Load Sharing on Hardware-Based Platforms
-CEF Per-Packet Load Sharing on the Cisco GSR Platform
-CEF Load-Sharing Troubleshooting Examples

7. Understanding CEF in an MPLS VPN Environment
-An Internet Service Provider's Simple MPLS VPN Design
-Understanding the CEF and MPLS VPN Relationship
-CEF Considerations When Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Across Various
-CEF and MPLS VPN Load-Sharing Considerations

Part 3: Appendix
Appendix A: Scalability

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        Cisco Express Forwarding