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Follow that Customer!

The Event-Driven Marketing Handbook

Gebonden Engels 2010 9781933199269
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For as long as there has been commerce, sellers have tried to predict what people, and their customers in particular, wanted to buy. That’s what made the early direct mailers of
the 19th century so revolutionary. Sales people had always kept track of individual customer preferences. But now here was the ability to track and identify customer preferences on a mass scale. Then came the database and CRM revolutions. Database marketing and predictive modeling have made it possible to make the right offer to the right customer.

This book is about the next revolution. Event-Driven Marketing (EDM) adds the important dimension of the right time. Marketers now have the ability to make that right offer to that right customer at the right time—at exactly the moment that customer develops a need for your product or service. The result is the same as each of the preceding revolutions: increased response and conversion rates and improved profitability of marketing investments.

Follow That Customer! is the first complete handbook of EDM. It covers everything from theory to process management to profitability calculations, database analyses, and legislation. In addition it has seven real world cases that bring EDM concepts to life. Follow That Customer! is a must-read for any manager, marketer, or entrepreneur who wants to be more relevant, productive, and successful.


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Egbert Jan van Bel …maakt organisaties klantvriendelijk met resultaat. Egbert Jan’s boeken wonnen prijzen, zijn bestsellers. Egbert Jan wil met dit boek organisaties succesvoller maken. U helpen klantvriendelijkheid als strategie in te zetten om het nog beter te doen. Makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan maar in de workshops, adviezen en publicaties van Egbert Jan haalt u altijd de benodigde tips en adviezen. Egbert Jan is hoofdredacteur van het klantblog CustomerTalk.nl en hij helpt organisaties duurzame klantrelaties te realiseren.

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1: A New Day Marketing
-The Roots of Event-Driven Marketing
-EDM and Direct Marketing: Important Distinctions
-EDM Prospecting
-Other EDM-related Concepts
-Segmentation: Old and New
-Taking the Event-Driven Approach
-Case 1 Birthday Clubs

2: Customer-Related Terminology and Marketing Myopia
-Market Segmentation: From Old Economy to New?
-Put Down That Scatter Gun
-Viewing from the Customer's Point of View
-'Stuff' and Self-Image
-Sales Funnel
-Regulars, Buyers, and Tryers

3: The EDM Quadrant
-From Internal Planning to Customer-Oriented Supply
-Event-Driven Marketing: Choosing the Right Moment
-Key Roles in the Marketing Process
-The EDM Quadrant
-Time versus Predictability
-EDM in Mobile Telephony
-Events in Mobile Telephony

4: Process Management and the Implementation of Event-Driven Marketing
-The Customer Comes First
-Marketing and IT Merge
-The FBC Formula: Faster, Better, Cheaper
-Keep IT Simple . . .
-The Customer: In the Driver's Seat
-Campaign Management and the Event-Driven Marketing Cycle
-EDM Execution
-The Impact of EDM Execution
-Case 2: Folksam's Moving Birds
-Case 3: Product-Phase Event-Driven Contact Strategies

5: Loyalty Versus Retention
-The Goal of Marketing
-The Focus of Marketing
-Loyal People Don't Exist, So Neither Do Loyal Customers
-Loyalty and Switching Costs
-What Is Churn, and What Is Its Significance?
-Loyalty Versus Retention
-Don't Give the Customer a Reason to Leave
-Loyalty and Branding
-Organizing a Customer Retention Strategy
-Survival of the Fittest

6: Customer Value and Profitability
-The Elements of Customer Value: Acquisition, Development, and Retention
-Five Methods for Calculating Profitability
-Technical Terms
-Method 1: Understanding Break-Even
-Method 2: Understanding Profitability by Campaign
-Method 3: Understanding Profitability of Multistep Campaigns
-Method 4: Understanding Lifetime Value
-Method 5: Understanding Payback Period
-Case 4: EDM in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Baby Care
-Case 5: Event-Driven Marketing for Premium Pet Food

7: CRM, Databases, and Marketing Information
-Data Warehouses
-Logic, Matching, and Understanding
-Harmonizing Supply and Demand
-Information Versus Data
-Useless Information
-Database Marketing and Data Mining
-Analyzing Data
-Analysis: From Theory to Practice
-Database Analysis Techniques
-Formulating Analytical Objectives
-Case 6: Developing an Event-Driven Marketing Program

8: EDM and Legislation in the European Union
-Introduction: Local Regulations
-Universal Principles: Transparency and Confidence
-European Directive Unification
-EDM and Awareness
-Legal Information Requirements under the Data Protection Directive
-Absolute Right to Object
-Transborder Flow of Personal Data within the European Union
-Establishment of the Controller
-Transfer of Personal Data to Countries Outside the European Union
-Legal Information Requirements under the E-communications & Privacy Directive
-Use of Electronic Messages for Commercial Communication
-Channel Management: A Legal Necessity
-Channel Management Matrix
-Legal Information Requirements under the Distance Selling Directive
-EDM-related Directive: the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive
-Development: Event-Forbidden Marketing
-Transborder Event-Driven Marketing: Good Taste and Decency
-Forthcoming Event: Revisions and Discussions
-The History of Legislation for Direct Marketing

9: EDM and Legislation in the United States
-US and European Law Briefly Compared
-Industry and Media-Specific Legislation
-Consumer Credit Information
-Information Notices by Financial Institutions
-Protected Health Information
-Media Channels
-Telephone, Mobile, SMS, Fax
-Direct Mail
-Enforcement and Conclusion

Appendix 1: Tips and Checklists
Appendix 2: ROI Case Studies
Appendix 3: Lists of Exhibits

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        Follow that Customer!