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The Nature of Software Development

Keep It Simple, Make It Valuable, Build It Piece by Piece

Paperback Engels 2015 9781941222379
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You need to get value from your software project. You need it "free, now, and perfect." We can't get you there, but we can help you get to "cheaper, sooner, and better." This book leads you from the desire for value down to the specific activities that help good Agile projects deliver better software sooner, and at a lower cost. Using simple sketches and a few words, the author invites you to follow his path of learning and understanding from a half century of software development and from his engagement with Agile methods from their very beginning.

The book describes software development, starting from our natural desire to get something of value. Each topic is described with a picture and a few paragraphs. You're invited to think about each topic; to take it in. You'll think about how each step into the process leads to the next. You'll begin to see why Agile methods ask for what they do, and you'll learn why a shallow implementation of Agile can lead to only limited improvement.

This is not a detailed map, nor a step-by-step set of instructions for building the perfect project. There is no map or instructions that will do that for you.

You need to build your own project, making it a bit more perfect every day. To do that effectively, you need to build up an understanding of the whole process.

This book points out the milestones on your journey of understanding the nature of software development done well. It takes you to a location, describes it briefly, and leaves you to explore and fill in your own understanding.

What You Need:
- You'll need your Standard Issue Brain, a bit of curiosity, and a desire to build your own understanding rather than have someone else's detailed ideas poured into your head.


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Part 1: The circle of value
1. The search for value
2. Value is what we want
3. Guiding goes better “Feature by feature”
4. Organizing by feature
5. Planning feature by feature
6. Building the product, feature by feature
7. Build features and foundation by feature
8. Bug-free and well designed
9. Full circle

Part 2: Notes ans Essays
10. Value-what is it?
11. Value-how can we measure it?
12. Of course it’s hard!
13. Not that simple
14. Creating teams that thrive
15. The “Five-Card Method” for initial forecasting
16. Managing natural software development
17. Whip the ponies harder
18. To speed up, build with skill
19. Refactoring
20. Agile methods
21. Scaling Agile
22. Conclusion


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        The Nature of Software Development