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European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe

Views from the Capitals

Gebonden Engels 2022 9783030865368
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This book sheds light on how member states and EU neighbours reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of European solidarity, what they expect from the EU, and other member states, and how they are ready to contribute to common action. The volume reveals how European countries experience and perceive solidarity from the EU and towards the EU in different policy dimensions, such as intra-EU mobility, healthcare and financial and economic aspects of Europe’s recovery. The book offers national perspectives and perceptions of solidarity and concrete aspects in different policy areas. It includes a Foreword by the Vice-presidents of the European Parliament Katarina Barley and Othmar Karas.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Chapter 1: MEMBER STATES&nbsp; Austria first?<p></p>

<p>Chapter 2: Belgium: Struggling with Solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 3: Bulgaria: Free-riding on EU solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 4: Croatia: Solidarity lost in translation</p>

<p>Chapter 5: Cyprus’ quest for EU solidarity: juxtaposing community values with national interest </p>

<p>Chapter 6: Flexible solidarity and the limits of altruism in Czechia</p>

<p>Chapter 7: Danish Frugal Solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 8: Estonia: symbols of solidarity or traps of interdependence?</p>

<p>Chapter 9: Finland: Cherry-picking on solidarity?</p>

<p>Chapter 10: France: solidarity for others… and for itself!</p><p></p><p>Chapter 11: Germany: ‘Together for Europe’s recovery’? – ‘Wir schaffen das!’</p>

<p>Chapter 12: Contested European solidarity in times of migration crisis: the Greek case</p>

<p>Chapter 13: European Solidarity? A view from a renitent Hungary</p>

<p>Chapter 14: Ireland: Dublin Benefits from and Contributes to European Solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 15: Italy: the straw that breaks the camel’s back?</p>

<p>Chapter 16: Latvia’s Peripheralised Solidarity: Rise and Fall of the ‘Baltic Bubble’ during the COVID-19 Pandemic </p>

<p>Chapter 17:Perceptions of European solidarity in Lithuania - plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?</p>

<p>Chapter 18:Liberty, Fraternity, Recovery - The Luxembourg perspective</p>

<p>Chapter 19&nbsp;:Solidarity as the Small State Mantra for Malta’s EU Membership</p>

<p>Chapter 20: Poland: from the Solidarity movement to non-reciprocal European solidarity</p><p>Chapter 21: Gone with the pandemic? - Portugal and EU solidarity</p>

Chapter 22: Romania relies on the EU’s solidarity budget to overcome the pandemic <p></p>

<p>Chapter 23: The extent of solidarity - (mis)interpretation in Slovakia</p>

<p>Chapter 24: Slovenia: Solidarity sounds right, but can we see it?</p>

<p>Chapter 25: Spain’s view of European solidarity: a pro-EU attitude and a self-perception of weakness</p>

<p>Chapter 26: Sweden: COVID-19 messing up the concept of solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 27: The Netherlands: Solidarity and responsibility are two sides of the same coin</p>

<p>Chapter 28: "EU NEIGHBOURS Is the EU Albania’s Indispensable Ally Through Thick and Thin?"</p><p></p>

<p>Chapter 29: Can the coronavirus defeat ethno-politics? Paradoxes of solidarity and politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina</p>

<p>Chapter 30: Georgia’s Pandemic Response: promoting European integration through the lens of solidarity</p><p>Chapter 31: European solidarity out of self-interest: Iceland and crisis management in the EU</p>

<p>Chapter 32: Friends in need are friends indeed: how Kosovo failed to show solidarity during COVID-19 crisis</p>

<p>Chapter 33: Liechtenstein: Solidarity, Yes, but on my terms</p>

<p>Chapter 34: Montenegro: Enlargement solidarity, Hoping for the Best…</p>

Chapter 35: EU solidarity in action: the curious case of North Macedonia – welcomed amidst quarantine!<p></p>

<p>Chapter 36: European solidarity in a time of crisis: a Norwegian perspective</p>

<p>Chapter 37: Serbia: Shared Loyalties Amidst the Pandemic</p>

<p>Chapter 38: Switzerland: solidarity taken hostage</p>

<p>Chapter 39: Solidarity clashes with geopolitics in EU-Turkey Relations</p>

<p>Chapter 40: United Kingdom: Brexit meets European Solidarity</p>

<p>Chapter 41: EU-Ukraine: Towards a New Quality of Solidarity</p><p></p>

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        European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe