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Russia and the Future of Europe

Views from the Capitals

Gebonden Engels 2022 9783030956479
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This book sheds light on how Member States and EU neighbours relate to Russia. It includes their historical, financial and political ties, as well as the public perception of the national population vis-à-vis Russia. Each chapter builds on these factors to elucidate the country’s position towards Russia and provides a prediction on the future of these relations. This volume shows the diverse relations that the EU member states and neighbours have with Russia, spanning from tense and confrontational to more eased and friendly, highlighting the contrasts between the national state and the EU as a whole. The book also presents the reader with concrete aspects in different policy areas, via recommendations on how single countries and the EU should deal with Russia. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022 will change the relationship between the West and Putin’s Russia for decades to come. No doubt that this blatant violation of International Law and the incomprehensible human suffering of Ukrainian citizens will massively change the attitude of the countries analysed in this book.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Making Friends with Russia: Austria as a Solid Backer of Russia in the Eu.- Relations Belgium-Russia: Balancing Values and Interest.- Bulgaria-Russia Political Relations: Between Rethinking and Commitment.- Croatia’s Policy Towards Russia: To Be a Hawk for No Good Reason.- Cyprus and Russia: Strong Ties in a New Context.- the Czech-Russian Relations: From Bridge-building to Open Hostility.- Wide Fluctuations in Danish-Russian Relations.- Estonia and Russia: More Cooperation or Growing Tensions?.-Finland: Reckoning with a More Assertive and Authoritarian Russia.- France: What’s Behind the Macron Russia Initiative?.-(No) Wind of Change? - German-Russian Relations in the Post-Merkel Era.- Greco - Russian Relations: The Two Faces of “Janus”.-Hungary: More Business, Less Illiberalism.- Ireland: Reluctantly Re-thinking Russia.- Diplomatic Bridge but Hybrid Fist: Italy’s Possible Approach Towards Russia.- Latvian-Russian Relationship Status: ‘it’s Complicated’.- Lithuania’s Approach – Push-back Autocrats Back into Russia and Engage Democratic Activists.- Luxembourg: If You Cannot Tame the Bear, Talk to It!.- Malta-Russia Relations and the Libyan Civil War.- Poland and Russia: Turbulent Relations and No Rapprochement in Sight.-Portugal: Two Women’s Legacy - a Bridge Forged to Russia from the Western Edge of Europe.- Romania Vs. Russia: Black Sea Region Ambitions.- Slovak – Russian Relations: A Challenging Big Brother Legacy.- Russians Are Welcomed in Slovenia: As Artists, Tourists and Investors.- Spain’s Relationship with Russia: Out of Sight, out of Mind?.- Swedish – Russian Relations: Distrust and Tensions.- the Power of Attraction (Rather than Persuasion) - a Brief Enquiry into Dutch-Russian Relations.- Russian Influence: Is Albania the Odd One Out?.- Russia Vs. The West: Global Competition in the Local Setting of Bosnia and Herzegovina.- Caught in Between: Georgia’s European Aspirations under Russian Influence.- Icelandic-Russian Relations: Trade Determined by the Eu.- (Un)Shielded: Russia’s Western Balkans Influence Through the Kosovo-Serbia Open Dispute 89.- Liechtenstein’s Relations with Russia: Too Small to Be Noticed.- a Hot and Cold Power Struggle for Influence: Russia-Montenegro Relations.- North Macedonia and Russia – an Ambiguous Relationship.- Russia – Norway’s Best Frenemy.- Serbia and Russia: Continuity in a Changing Context?.- Switzerland: The Tedious Art of Bridging a Widening Gap.- Between Conflict and Compromise: Turkey-Russia Relations and the West.- the Approach to Russia for a Post-Brexit UK.- the Russian Shadow over Ukraine’s European Choice.- Laplacian.

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        Russia and the Future of Europe