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International Social Security Law

Paperback Engels 2017 9789041192240
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Although a sophisticated body of international social security law is active and growing, a number of States still appear unable to honour it. This thorough, well-researched survey and analysis of existing international social security law – its sources, its content, its historical development – is thus especially valuable for its informed consideration of the barriers to the law’s full effectiveness.

Part of the renowned multi-volume Encyclopaedia of Laws, the book focuses on the analysis of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions and Recommendations on Social Security. It examines the most recent public debates on social protection (dealing with health insurance, unemployment benefits, pension age, minimum income, social security benefits in case of expatriation, parental leave, and much more), includes an updated bibliography, and opens some perspectives for the future work of the global institutions. It integrates the latest instruments, in particular ILO Recommendation No. 202 concerning national floors of social protection.

Even in the absence of ratification and therefore of legal force, international social security standards are invaluable benchmarks in comparative law. Indeed, ILO standards are both useful instruments of analysis and excellent yardsticks for identifying common denominators among national systems. For these reasons this book will be welcomed by legislators, government officials, employers’ organizations, trade unions, and the judiciary, as well as by human resources managers and academics.


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The Author
List of Abbreviations

General Introduction

Part I. The Origin and the Development of the International Social Security Law

Chapter 1. The Origin of the Social Security Law
Chapter 2. The Founding Principles of the ILO Social Security Law
Chapter 3. The ILO Standards Setting Activities

Part II. The ILO Standards on Social Security

Chapter 1. Common Principles
Chapter 2. Employment Injury
Chapter 3. Medical Care
Chapter 4. Sickness Benefits
Chapter 5. Invalidity Benefits
Chapter 6. Survivors’ Benefits
Chapter 7. Old-Age Benefits
Chapter 8. Maternity Benefits
Chapter 9. Family Benefits
Chapter 10. Unemployment Benefits
Chapter 11. Minimum Income Security

Part III. The ILO Social Security Standards for Special Categories of Workers

Chapter 1. The Social Security of Migrant Workers
Chapter 2. Seafarers

Part IV. The ILO Social Security Standards and the Globalization Process

Chapter 1. Social Security and Precarious Workers
Chapter 2. Extending to the Poorest
Chapter 3. Social Security in Europe

Selected Bibliography


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        International Social Security Law