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Discover the IT Cherry

How to become the most valued IT organisation by using cherries

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2019 9789081786676
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How to become to most valued IT organisation by using cherries

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende had to cut back costs in 2002, "First the sour, then the sweet". It is now time for the sweet phase for IT organisations. Because with most companies, IT customer satisfaction does not score higher than a seven.

Already in 1973 there were publications about the limited alignment between Business and IT. This is three years after Akerlof announced the Lemons Problem in the car market, "the sour taste of the secondhand car market". Or that you actually always feel cheated and the relationship between investment and return never seems to be right.

The trust between the Business and IT is still too limited and the loyalty of the business is low. If the business gets a chance, they escape by introducing shadow IT, for example with cloud solutions. And that despite the many efforts that have been made in recent decades to close the gap between business and IT.

So it's time to look for new methods and new perspectives. This book examines what is needed to turn an IT lemons experience into a sweet cherry. What do companies like Bol.com and Virgin Air-lines do from which IT can learn? Towards a cherry experience model for IT!

Enjoy the sweet taste of this book!


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Over Barry Derksen

prof. dr. Barry Derksen professor Antwerp Management school, Novi University Applied Sciences, VU Amsterdam, post graduate IT audit, Compliancy & Advisory. He is global Director Trust & Security (CISO) at LeasePlan and boardmember at ISACA and SSA (SecureSoftwareAlliance.org). more about Barry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barryderksen/

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Over Mark Butterhoff

Mark is een management consultant, interim / program manager / CISO, docent, spreker en auteur met ruime ervaring in Information Security, IT Audit, IT Management en Governance. Hij was ondermeer werkzaam bij KPMG en is tegenwoordig mede-oprichter van i-INC.

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Kick Off: Because it’s possible!

IT is a market for lemons
2.1 The Lemons Problem
2.2 The IT Lemons Problem

The limited value of IT
3.1 What is value?
3.2 Creation of value
Ladder of economic value
Value disciplines
Customer Loyalty
Information Economics
Other Value Models
3.3 IT measures lemons

Al Capone or Seneca
4.1 How to grow from a lemon to a cherry IT organisation
4.2 The layers
4.3 The Stages
4.4 First part of the IT Cherry model

With cherries comes experience
5.1 Experiences within the cherry model
5.2 The creation of the cherry experience
Customer Experience Map / Customer Journey Map
Experience development
The DNA of Customer Experience
The four realms of experience
5.3 Examples of Experiences within IT
Example Customer experience map of an IT customer
5.4 Collaboration in lemon and cherry flavour
5.5 The IT cherry-experience model
5.6 Employee satisfaction is prerequisite
5.7 Continuous innovation of experiences

The best IT is the one with cherry experience!

And, just like that, you become CIO of an IT lemons department
7.1 Entering the stage
Get off to a good start
Don’t try to boil the ocean
Building trust
7.2 Smartly surfing Moore’s exponential curve
Processor power, memory and connections
The key to cherry success is agility
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet with IT
Unpredictability as the complication
7.3 Ruthless execution

A roadmap
The success calendar
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        Discover the IT Cherry