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Online: The Jim Collins virtual masterclass

Masterclass with Jim Collins

Masterclass with Jim Collins

Online: The Jim Collins virtual masterclass


Jim Collins Jim Collins

About this masterclass

An exclusive masterclass for CEOs and chairpersons

  • Why do some companies grow from good to great and change the world, while others do not?
  • Why do some once-great companies fall, while others keep rising?
  • Why do some companies prevail in the face of uncertainty and chaos, while others underperform or worse?

These are some of the big questions Jim Collins, a world-renowned researcher and author, has studied for over thirty years. Collins has dedicated his career to research and writing related to the topic of what makes great companies tick.

This virtual masterclass with Collins (a production of Nordic/Oslo Busines Forum and DenkProducties) is a rare and exclusive opportunity for 200 leaders to learn how to take the leap from good to great, and how to prevail in the face of a crisis. The course is designed for top-level management; only CEOs and chairpersons can join. Also the CEOs direct reports can attend, in case the CEO participates in the masterclass.

Throughout the two half-day working sessions, Collins is going to challenge leaders to wrestle with a series of principles and questions they need to address in order to emerge strong. His teachings will also help the participants to take advantage of the momentum amidst chaos and uncertainty. Collins will push leaders to think hard about the disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action needed to build a truly great company that can endure.

This masterclass will also provide ample opportunity for engaged conversation with Collins, driven by the participants’ reflections and questions.

Extra for Dutch participants: a mastermind session, facilitated by Ben Tiggelaar. A deep learning session in which you will reflect on your learnings and coach each other to the next level.


14:00 Start masterclass
18:00 End masterclass
Day 1: March 23rd
* Foundations: Why Some Leaders Build Enduring Great Companies and Others Don’t * Disciplined People: Right People on the Bus, led by Level 5 Leaders * Disciplined Thought: Confront the Brutal Facts, Clarify a Hedgehog Concept, Get the Flywheel Right * Questions for Jim
Day 2: March 24th
* Disciplined Action: Accelerate, Renew, and Extend the Flywheel with Discipline and Innovation * Building Greatness to Last: The Foundations for Enduring Success * A preview of Jim’s new research and your own leadership renewal * Questions for Jim
Extra: March 31st
One week after the Jim Collins Masterclass, Ben Tiggelaar will host a mastermind session with all Dutch delegates of the Collins Masterclass. An interactive session in which you can share experiences in applying the insights you gained in the masterclass. And get inspired by the learnings of your fellow participants.


Jim Collins
Jim Collins
Jim Collins is adviseur van succesvolle bedrijven: hoe ze groeien, excelleren en hoe goede bedrijven 'great' worden. Collins werkte voor senior directieleden en CEO's van meer dan honderd ondernemingen. Ook was hij werkzaam in de sociale sector. Jim Collins is afgestudeerd in business administration en wiskunde aan de Stanford University. Bovendien heeft hij diploma's gehaald aan de University of Colorado en de Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management (Claremont Graduate University).

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Day 1: March 23rd - Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Day 2: March 24th - Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Extra: March 31st - Time: 14:00 - 15:30


Deze online masterclassreeks kost € 2.790,- (excl. BTW) en kunt u thuis live online volgen.

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