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Boeken van John Bell

Basil Markesinis John Bell André Janssen
Markesinis's German Law of Torts
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Since its first appearance in 1986, this magisterial work has won uniform praise from many of the world's leading comparatists. Meer
John Bell James Lambros Stanford Ng
J2EE Open Source Toolkit (1e druk 2003)
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This innovative book provides you with all the tools you need to seamlessly combine the most popular open source tools into a single, integrated enterprise platform that can be used for development and deployment of Enterprise Java applications. Meer
John Bell
American Puppet Modernism
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John Bell John (University of Cambridge) Bell David Ibbetson David (University of Cambridge) Ibbetson
European Legal Development
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What shapes the development of a legal system? The economy? Legal ideas? Social and political movements? Drawing on the other eight volumes in the series, European Legal Development: The Case of Tort aims to challenge conventional comparative law explanations of the factors that shape the law. Meer
John Bell
Travels from St Petersburg in Russia, to Diverse Parts of Asia
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John Bell (1691–1780) trained as a physician, but preferred a life of travel and diplomacy. He entered the service of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia, and had already taken part (as the expedition's doctor) in a government mission to Persia in 1715–18 when he was asked to join a further embassy to China. Meer

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