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Hyperscale & Microcare

The Digital Business Cookbook

Paperback Engels 2018 9782874035081
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Thanks to open source, the Cloud and API's, it is easier than ever before to build and release software products to a global audience. As a result, competition is tough, prices are under pressure. The good old recipe of just adding more functionality to your product does not work anymore.

In this book, Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart will explore what it takes to build winning digital products today. They’ll focus on the idea that one should stop building software, and build digital services instead, effectively combining hyperscale with microcare: the ability to establish an intimate relationship with each and every of your thousands of users.

Peter and Nick will discuss the capabilities and processes you need to build such digital services. They zoom in on the kinds of assets you need to develop, and that will greatly influence the valuation, all supported with practical advice and real world examples.

If you are responsible for bringing digital products to the market, this book will give you a head start.


Aantal pagina's:272
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Hyperscale & Microcare - The Digital Business Cookbook
Peter Verhasselt 11 februari 2019 Proficiat! Je hebt voor je nieuwe business je keuze gemaakt welke klanten je wilt bedienen en de pijn die je aanpakt. Je hebt je initiële product gefinetuned volgens de inzichten van Lean Startup en Customer Development.

Over Peter Verhasselt

Peter Verhasselt coaches technology companies in optimizing their Product Management, Business Plan and Go-to-Market strategy. Before joining Sirris, Peter worked for industrial companies in Sales and Product Management, Field Service and R&D. Peter has degrees in Engineering, Law, Economics and Management.

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* Introduction
A Story about Three Paradoxes and Two Métiers
About Bits and Businesses

* The Software Paradox and the Digital Commodity

The Commodity Driving Growth
Software From the Grid

Software, the Phantom IP Asset
IP is Dead, Long Live IP

The Cavalry Is Coming
Data Driven Business Models and Combined Hardware-Software Value Propositions

Focus on Harvesting, Not on Sowing
The Value View

Stop Developing a (Software) Tool, Start Building a (Digital) Service
Put the Experience First

* The Strategy Paradox and the Digital Métier

The Intimacy at Scale Paradigm
Towards an Exponential Service

Scale Global or Die Local
HyperScale, Build a Distribution Machine

Love Is All You Need
Microcare, Serve with Intimacy

The Openness for Cloud Solutions
Game Changer One

The API Economy of Web Services
Game Changer Two

The Individual Real-time Customer Relationship
Game Changer Three

A New Magic and its Risks
Look for a Legal Counsellor

Operations & Metrics of Hyperscale
Build a Distribution Machine, Part 2

Operations & Metrics of Microcare
Serve with Intimacy, Part 2

The End of Business Strategy
Digital Transformation through the Commodity Lens

The Digital Métier
The Art of Designing and Engineering a Digital Business

* The Valuation Paradox and the Digital Assets

The Living Lab
Agile Engineered Assets

The Asset Chief Engineers
The Core Team of the Métier

Digital Assets, the New Bricks of Company Value
Inside the Venture Valuation Box

* Epilogue
The Clan Is Back
Abouts Bits and Boots

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