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Boeken van Paul Clements

Len Bass Paul Clements Rick Kazman
Software Architecture in practice
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The award-winning and highly influential Software Architecture in Practice, Third Edition, has been substantially revised to reflect the latest developments in the field. Meer
Paul Clements Felix Bachmann Len Bass
Documenting Software Architectures
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De tweede editie van 'Documenting Software Architectures' bevat de meest complete en actuele informatie, onafhankelijk van taal of notatie, over hoe u de architectuur kunt ontwikkelen in een begrijpelijke vorm. Meer
Paul Clements
Charles Bukowski, Outsider Literature, and the Beat Movement
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This book uses cultural and psycho-social analysis to examine the beat writer Charles Bukowski and his literature, focusing on representations of the anti-hero rebel and outsider. Meer
Paul Clements Peter Gordon Rick Kazman Mark Klein
Evaluating Software Architectures
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Praise for Evaluating Software Architectures

“The architecture of complex software or systems is a collection of hard decisions that are very expensive to change. Meer
Paul Clements
The Creative Underground
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Paul Clements champions the creative underground and expressions of difference through visionary avant-garde and resistant ideas. This is represented by an admixture of utopian literature, manifestos and lifestyles which challenge normality and attempt to reinvent society, as practiced for example, by radicals in bohemian enclaves or youth subcultures. Meer

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