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Boeken van Rama Chellappa

Rama Chellappa Eric Niiler
Can We Trust AI?
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In Can We Trust AI?, Dr. Rama Chellappa, a researcher and innovator with 40 years in the field, recounts the evolution of AI, its current uses, and how it will drive industries and shape lives in the future. Meer
Yi-Tong Zhou Rama Chellappa
Artificial Neural Networks for Computer Vision
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This monograph is an outgrowth of the authors' recent research on the de­ velopment of algorithms for several low-level vision problems using artificial neural networks. Meer
Massimo Tistarelli Stan Z. Li Rama Chellappa
Handbook of Remote Biometrics
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This comprehensive and innovative handbook covers aspects of biometrics from the perspective of recognizing individuals at a distance, in motion, and under a surveillance scenario. Meer
Mark S. Nixon Tieniu Tan Rama Chellappa
Human Identification Based on Gait
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Human Identification Based on Gait is the first book to address gait as a biometric. Biometrics is now in a unique position where it affects most people's lives. Meer
Shaohua Kevin Zhou Rama Chellappa Wenyi Zhao
Unconstrained Face Recognition
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Face recognition has been actively studied over the past decade and continues to be a big research challenge. Just recently, researchers have begun to investigate face recognition under unconstrained conditions. Meer

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