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Boeken van John Linarelli

Orkun Akseli John Linarelli
The Future of Commercial Law
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This edited collection contributes to a greater understanding of the problems faced by states, international organisations, and private sector actors in this ongoing reform project for commercial law. Meer
John Linarelli
Research handbook on global justice and international economic law
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The fairness of institutions of global economic governance ranks among the most pressing issues of our time. Most approaches to understanding the complex structure of treaties and intergovernmental organizations such as the WTO tend to uncritically accept an economic focus, highlighting gains from trade and the merits of progressive trade and investment liberalization. Meer
John Linarelli
Regulation public procurement; national and international perspectives
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Because of its enormous economic power and susceptibility to corruption, public procurement - the purchase by government of goods and services - has come under increasing regulation as world trade expands. Meer
Chi Carmody Frank J. Garcia John Linarelli
Global Justice and International Economic Law
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Since the beginnings of the GATT and the Bretton Woods institutions, and on to the creation of the WTO, states have continued to develop institutions and legal infrastructure to promote global interdependence. Meer

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