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Boeken van Judith Mair

Judith Mair
The Place of Religion of Family Law; A Comparative Search
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To what extent does family law accommodate, deny, support or reflect the existence of religion and religious belief in a range of jurisdictions and throughout various family and social situations? Meer
Judith Mair
Conferences and Conventions
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Conferences and conventions are one of the fastest growing areas of the events industry. This is a substantially important sector yet research into many dimensions is in its infancy. Meer
Michelle Duffy Judith Mair
Festival Encounters
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Festivals and events are of enormous significance to many communities around the world. They can have historic, religious, cultural and traditional significance, and they are also important parts of community building. Meer
Kirsten Holmes Michael Hughes Judith Mair Jack Carlsen
s and Sustainability
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Increasing concerns over climate and environmental change, the global economic and financial crisis and impacts on host communities, audiences, participants and destinations has reinforced the need for more sustainable approaches to events. Meer

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