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Crystal Reports Professional Results

Paperback Engels 2003 9780072229516
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Create presentation-quality reports and complex, interactive analysis documents both on and off the Web with help from this thorough resource. Learn to use this powerful reporting tool to develop and design reports, make maps, tables, and charts, and much more.

Produce visually appealing reports quickly and effectively, extract and present data from SQL databases, download ready-to-use sample report templates. Get the information, advice, and tools you'll need to conquer the learning curve and produce winning reports and report-based applications.


Aantal pagina's:384
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Report Formatting and Appearance
Create a Watermark
Change Graphics According to a Condition
Use WingDings and Other Symbol Fonts
Print Bar Codes
Eliminate Blank Address Lines
Text Object
Multiple Report Sections
Print Page Continuation Messages
Shade Every Other Report Line
Choose from Thousands of Colors

2. Database Interaction
See What Is Sent to the Database
Viewing the SQL Query
Modifying the SQL Query
Add More Than One Database Type to a Report
Use Indexed Fields for Faster Report Performance
Link Your Database Table to an Excel Spreadsheet
Preparing the Spreadsheet
Adding the Spreadsheet to the Report
Change a Report from Test to Production
Troubleshoot Database Performance Problems
Determine Where the Problem Exists
Solve the Problem

3. Formulas
Simplify If-Then-Else with Select Case
Automatically Complete Parts of Your Formula
Troubleshoot a Runtime Formula Error
Share Formulas with Others in Your Organization
Storing Formulas in a Common Text Document
Using User Function Libraries
Crystal Reports 9 Custom Functions and the Repository
Understand Those Unclear Formula Error Messages
Test for Numbers with Numeric Calculations
Convert a String or Numeric Field to a Date
Converting String Values to Dates
Calculate the Interval Between Two Times
Calculate the Interval Between Two Dates
Check for Null Database Values
Make a Formula Multiline
Base a Formula on a Parameter Field
Avoid Divide by Zero Errors

4. Charts and Graphs
Make Cool 3-D Charts
Color or Shade the Background
Replace Bars or Wedges with Pictures
Drill Down on Group Charts
Add a Trend Line
Move the Chart Legend
Display a Chart Alongside Data
Set Colors Based on Some Data Condition

5. Record Selection
Improve Performance with the Select Expert
Speed Up Your Report with SQL Expressions
Show Record Selection on the Report
Make Creative Use of Like and Wildcards
Use Pound Signs for Easy Date Selection
Use Automatic Weekday Reporting
Achieve Automatic Reporting with InThePeriod

6. Web Reporting
Create Simple Web Reports with File | Export
Hyperlink to Web Pages or E-Mail Addresses
Control Hyperlinks with a Formula
Pass a Value to Another Page in a Hyperlink
Open Crystal Hyperlinks in a New Window
Add Tooltips
Crystal Reports 9 RAS for Simple Web Reports

7. Parameter Fields
Show All Multivalue Values on the Report
String Multivalue Parameters
Nonstring Multivalue Parameters
Show Beginning and Ending Range Values
Embedding a Parameter in a Text Object
Formatting the Parameter Within the Text Object
Choose from Descriptions Instead of Codes
Control What Can Be Typed in a Parameter
Create an 'All or Specific Item' Parameter
String Parameters
Nonstring Parameters
Base the N in Top N on a Parameter
Obtaining Correct Grand Totals
Use a Parameter for Conditional Formatting

8. Sorting and Grouping
Sorting/Grouping Based on a Parameter Field
Limit to Certain Groups with Group Selection
Show Only the Best or Worst Groups
Sort Groups by an Alternate Field
Correct Top N/Group Selection Grand Totals
Copy Totals/Summaries Around the Report
Easily Change the Type of Summary
Retrieve Only Group Totals from the Database
Customize the Group Name Field

9. Subreports
Hide the Border Around a Subreport
Showing the Border Only When There Is Subreport Data
'No Records' Message with an Empty Subreport
Pass Data from Subreport to Main Report
Resetting the Shared Variable
Pass Data from Main Report to Subreport
Avoid Subreports with a Not Equal Join
Place a Subreport Alongside Main Report Data
Better Performance with On-Demand Subreports

10. Cross-Tabs
Add a Legend to a Cross-Tab
Conditionally Format Cells
Simple Conditional Formatting with the Highlighting
More Sophisticated Conditional Formatting with the
Format Editor
Automatic Object Placement
Automatic Vertical Adjustment
Automatic Horizontal Adjustment (Version 9 Only)
Change the Type of Cross-Tab Summary
Avoid Truncation
Avoiding Label Truncation
Replacing Truncated Cell Values with Pound Signs
Cross-Tabs with Formulas and Parameters
Basing Rows, Columns, and Summarized Fields on
Formulas and Parameters
Conditionally Format Cross-Tabs Based on Parameter
Customize the Cross-Tab Group Name Field

APPENDIX: Formula Reference


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