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Metal Oxide Defects

Fundamentals, Design, Development and Applications

Paperback Engels 2022 9780323855884
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Metal Oxide Defects: Fundamentals, Design, Development and Applications provides a broad perspective on the development of advanced experimental techniques to study defects and their chemical activity and catalytic reactivity in various metal oxides. This book highlights advances in characterization and analytical techniques to achieve better understanding of a wide range of defects, most importantly, state-of-the-art methodologies for controlling defects. The book provides readers with pathways to apply basic principles and interpret the behavior of metal oxides.

After reviewing characterization and analytical techniques, the book focuses on the relationship of defects to the properties and performance of metal oxides. Finally, there is a review of the methods to control defects and the applications of defect engineering for the design of metal oxides for applications in optoelectronics, energy, sensing, and more. This book is a key reference for materials scientists and engineers, chemists, and physicists.




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<p>1. Transition metal ions in solid electrolytes. Ceramics and glasses 2. The emergence of analytical techniques for defects in metal oxide 3. Vacancy and defect structures in metal oxides 4. Defects disorder of lanthanum cerium oxide 5. Oxidation of metals and formation of defects by theoretical modelling 6. Role of defects in multiferroic nanoparticles 7. Oxygen defects, morphology, and surface chemistry of metal oxides: a deep insight through a joint experimental and theoretical perspective 8. Point defects and their diffusion in nonstoichiometric metal oxides for modern microelectronics 9. Influence of defects upon mechanical properties of oxide materials 10. Defect evolution in ZnO nanocrystal films at doping by group IIIA elements 12. The role of dopant on the defect chemistry of metal oxides 13. Viable defect engineering with templates into metal oxides 14. Role of defects on the transparent conducting properties of binary metal oxide thin film electrodes 15. Intrinsic defect engineering of metal oxides for lighting applications 16. Oxygen defects in metal oxides and their effect on the electrochemical oxidation of short-chain alcohols 17. Defects engineering in metal oxides for gas sensing and electromagnetic wave absorption 18. Ordered vacancy compounds: the case of the Mangéli phases of TiO2 19. Ion beam-induced defects in ZnO: a radiation hard metal oxide 20. Role of point defects in gas sensing effects of metal oxides 21. Role of grain boundary defects in nanostructured manganites 22. Defects chemistry and catalysis of indium oxide 23. Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the electrical characteristics of oxide-based heterojunction</p>

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        Metal Oxide Defects