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Metal Oxides for Next-generation Optoelectronic, Photonic, and Photovoltaic Applications

Paperback Engels 2023 9780323991438
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Metal Oxides for Next Generation Optoelectronic, Photonic and Photovoltaic Applications focuses on the optoelectronic, photonic and photovoltaic behaviors of metallic oxides and closely related phenomena, from elementary principles to the latest findings. Each chapter includes a comprehensive evaluation of the synthesis and characterization of the most relevant metal oxides nanostructures for each application. In addition, there is a focus on methods to tune the materials’ properties in order to improve devices performance.  This book is suitable for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry working in the disciplines of materials science and engineering, chemistry and physics.

Metal oxides are widely used in various optoelectronic devices, photonics, display devices, smart windows, sensors, optical components, energy-saving, and harvesting devices. Each application requires materials with their own specific properties. By controlling the particle size, shape, crystal structure, one can tune various properties of metal oxides viz. bandgap, absorption properties, conductivity, which alter the material for the specific application.




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<p>Section 1: Metal oxide-based transparent electronics 1. Optical Transparency combined with Electrical Conductivity: Challenges and Prospects 2. Transparent Ceramics: The Material of Next Generation 3. Transparent metal oxides in OLED devices</p> <p>Section 2: Metal oxide-based phosphors and their applications 4. Metal oxide-based nanophosphors for next generation optoelectronic and display applications 5. Metal oxide-based phosphors for white light-emitting diodes 6. Thermographic phosphors 7. Metal oxide-based phosphors for chemical sensors 8. Upconversion nanophosphors for biosensing application</p> <p>Section 3: Metal oxides for photonic and optoelectronic applications 9. Metal oxide-based LEDs and lasers 10. All Metal oxide-based photodetectors 11. Metal oxide charge transport layers for halide perovskite light-emitting diodes 12. Antireflective Coatings and Optical Filters 13. Colloidal metal oxides and their optoelectronic and photonic application 14. Metal oxides in quantum dot-based LEDs and their application 15. Metal oxides for bio-photonics 16. Metal oxides for plasmonic applications 17. Metal oxide nanomaterials dispersed liquid crystals for advanced electro-optical devices</p> <p>Section 4: Metal oxides for solar-cell applications 18. Metal Oxides for Dye-Sensitized solar cells 19. Metal oxides in organic solar cells 20. Metal oxides for hybrid photo-assisted electrochemical energy conversion systems</p>

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        Metal Oxides for Next-generation Optoelectronic, Photonic, and Photovoltaic Applications