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LINQ for Dummies

Making Everything Easier!

Paperback Engels 2008 9780470277942
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If you've asked yourself "Why can't I develop database and XML queries in a language I already know?", then Language INtegrated Query, or LINQ, is for you. LINQ For Dummies introduces you to LINQ and the .NET Framework technologies, so you can use LINQ to query any object, any data set, any kind of XML, and SQL Server-no questions asked.

This plain-English guide gives you a thorough overview of LINQ, from understanding the tasks it performs to making LINQ work with both Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2005. It explains the four LINQ providers in the .NET Framework, the easiest ways to go about accessing data, and how to write more efficient applications with less code using LINQ. There's also clear guidance on combining third-party providers with LINQ to create even more powerful apps.

- Connect with LINQ - understand the tasks LINQ performs, declarative programming, and how to use LINQ in the real world
- Extend yourself - examine .NET language extensions and work with extensions methods, partial methods, lambda expressions, and query expressions
- Choose your languages - work with LINQ using C# along with Visual Basic or Visual Studio
- LINQ up - LINQ to DataSet operators, SQL server operations, XML API, or Active Directory
- Deal with databases - download and install the Northwind database, generate Northwind entity classes, and create the Northwind XML mapping file

Open the book and find:
- How LINQ lets you create more efficient applications with less code
- An overview of the LINQ namespaces
- What to do with expressions trees
- The four LINQ providers in .NET Framework
- How to use objects with LINQ
- What LINQ can do for the visual Studio developer
- Techniques for getting information about your applications
- The easiest ways to access data


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Part 1: An overview of LINQ
1. Getting to know LINQ
2. Creating simple LINQ queries
3. Considering the .NET Language extensions
4. Working with LINQ in Visual Basic .NET
5. Working with LINQ in Visual Studio 2005

Part 2: Using Standard LINQ to Technologies
6. LINQ to Object
7. LINQ to DataSet
8. LINQ to SQL Server
9. LINQ to XML

Part 3: Extending LINQ to New Horizons
10. Using LINQ with Office 2007
11. Advanced LINQ to SQL Server
12. LINQ to Active Directory
13. Other LINQ to strategies

Part 4: The Part of Tens
14. Ten Ways to Improve LINQ Development
15. Ten Ways to Reduce Applications Support Costs
16. Ten LINQ Resources


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        LINQ for Dummies