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Boosting Self–Esteem For Dummies

Paperback Engels 2009 9780470741931
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Boosting Self–Esteem for Dummies

Learn to:

Leave behind negative modes of thinking

Understand the psychology of self–esteem

Use a variety of effective techniques to build self–esteem for a happier and healthier life

Give yourself a boost with cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapists

Rethink your self–image and be comfortable in your own skin

Fact: even individuals who radiate confidence on the outside can still have low self–esteem. Whether you′re someone who puts on a front or a shy, retiring type who frets about what other people think, this practical guide can help you to conquer insecurities, get assertive and let your inner strength shine through. So what are you waiting for?

Understand the theories get to grips with what self–esteem means and how it affects your outlook

Be honest with yourself acknowledge your best bits (and your limitations) and identify the positive effects of your thoughts and actions

Discover boosting techniques banish feelings of inadequacy by indulging in exercises and hobbies that exhilarate you

Give other people a break understand when a compliment is a compliment and take criticism constructively

Go all–out reassess your day–to–day priorities and map out what you really want from life

Open the book and find:

Strategies for getting to the bottom of the real you

Effective ways to record fluctuating moods and feelings

CBT techniques for stimulating self–encouragement

Advice on dealing with counter–productive comparisons

Guidance on tackling social phobias, body dysmorphia and eating disorders

Tips on maintaining self–discipline

How to foster better relationships at home and at work


Aantal pagina's:368
Uitgever:John Wiley & Sons


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Introduction 1

Part I: Understanding Self–Esteem 9

Chapter 1: Explaining Self–Esteem 11

Chapter 2: Exploring the Effects of Low Self–Esteem 23

Chapter 3: Working Out Your Self–Worth 45

Part II: Acknowledging That You re Okay As You Are 59

Chapter 4: Judging Yourself Compassionately, Accurately and Objectively 61

Chapter 5: Finding a Functional Focus 77

Chapter 6: Becoming Comfortable with Who You Are 89

Chapter 7: Building a Better Body Image 111

Chapter 8: Spotlighting Personal Development 125

Part III: Taking On New Techniques 139

Chapter 9: Speaking the Language of Love 141

Chapter 10: Rewriting Your Own History 161

Chapter 11: Proving Your Worth to Yourself 191

Part IV: Looking at the Ripple Effects of Low Self–Esteem 209

Chapter 12: Romancing and Relationships 211

Chapter 13: Working with Others 227

Part V: Living Like You Mean It 245

Chapter 14: Honouring Commitments to Yourself 247

Chapter 15: Living According to Your Values 261

Chapter 16: Developing Self–Discipline 275

Part VI: The Part of Tens 293

Chapter 17: Ten Hallmarks of Healthy Self–Esteem 295

Chapter 18: Ten Habits for Honing Healthy Self–Esteem303

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Give Your Self–Esteem a Lift 311

Appendix: Resources 319

Index 323

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        Boosting Self–Esteem For Dummies