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The Web Application Hacker's Handbook

Finding ad Exploiting Security Flaws

Paperback Engels 2011 9781118026472
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New technologies. New attack techniques. Start hacking.

Web applications are everywhere, and they're insecure. Banks, retailers, and others have deployed millions of applications that are full of holes, allowing attackers to steal personal data, carry out fraud, and compromise other systems. This book shows you how they do it.

This fully updated edition contains the very latest attack techniques and countermeasures, showing you how to break into today's complex and highly functional applications. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

- Discover how cloud architectures and social networking have added exploitable attack surfaces to applications
- Leverage the latest HTML features to deliver powerful cross-site scripting attacks
- Deliver new injection exploits, including XML external entity and HTTP parameter pollution attacks
- Learn how to break encrypted session tokens and other sensitive data found in cloud services
- Discover how technologies like HTML5, REST, CSS and JSON can be exploited to attack applications and compromise users
- Learn new techniques for automating attacksand dealing with CAPTCHAs and cross-site request forgery tokens
- Steal sensitive data across domains using seemingly harmless application functions and new browser features

Find help and resources at http://mdsec.net/wahh
- Source code for some of the scripts in the book
- Links to tools and other resources
- A checklist of tasks involved in most attacks
- Answers to the questions posed in each chapter
- Hundreds of interactive vulnerability labs


Aantal pagina's:878
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Web Application (In)security
2. Core Defense Mechanisms
3. Web Application Technologies
4. Mapping the Application
5. Bypassing Client-Side Controls
6. Attacking Authentication
7. Attacking Session Management
8. Attacking Access Controls
9. Attacking Data Stores
10. Attacking Back-End Components
11. Attacking Application Logic
12. Attacking Users: Cross-Site Scripting
13. Attacking Users: Other Techniques
14. Automating Customized Attacks
15. Exploiting Information Disclosure
16. Attacking Native Compiled Applications
17. Attacking Application Architecture
18. Attacking the Application Server
19. Finding Vulnerabilities in Source Code
20. A Web Application Hacker's Toolkit
21. A Web Application Hacker's Methodology


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        The Web Application Hacker's Handbook