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Hacking Marketing – Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative

Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative

Gebonden Engels 2016 9781119183174
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Apply software–inspired management concepts to accelerate modern marketing

In many ways, modern marketing has more in common with the software profession than it does with classic marketing management. As surprising as that may sound, it′s the natural result of the world going digital. Marketing must move faster, adapt more quickly to market feedback, and manage an increasingly complex set of customer experience touchpoints. All of these challenges are shaped by the dynamics of software from the growing number of technologies in our own organizations to the global forces of the Internet at large.

But you can turn that to your advantage. And you don′t need to be technical to do it.

Hacking Marketing will show you how to conquer those challenges by adapting successful management frameworks from the software industry to the practice of marketing for any business in a digital world. You′ll learn about agile and lean management methodologies, innovation techniques used by high–growth technology companies that any organization can apply, pragmatic approaches for scaling up marketing in a fragmented and constantly shifting environment, and strategies to unleash the full potential of talent in a digital age.

Marketing responsibilities and tactics have changed dramatically over the past decade. This book now updates marketing management to better serve this rapidly evolving discipline.

Increase the tempo of marketing′s responsiveness without chaos or burnout
Design "continuous" marketing programs and campaigns that constantly evolve
Drive growth with more marketing experiments while actually reducing risk
Architect marketing capabilities in layers to better scale and adapt to change
Balance strategic focus with the ability to harness emergent opportunities

As a marketer and a manager, Hacking Marketing will expand your mental models for how to lead marketing in a digital world where everything including marketing flows with the speed and adaptability of software.


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<p>Introduction ix</p>
<p>1 Hacking Is a Good Thing 3</p>
<p>2 Marketing Is a Digital Profession 9</p>
<p>3 What Exactly Are Digital Dynamics? 15</p>
<p>4 Marketing Is Now Deeply Entwined with Software 25</p>
<p>5 Marketers Are Software Creators Now 31</p>
<p>6 Parallel Revolutions in Software and Marketing 37</p>
<p>7 Adapting Ideas from Software to Marketing 47</p>
<p>II AGILITY 53</p>
<p>8 The Origins of Agile Marketing 55</p>
<p>9 From Big Waterfalls to Small Sprints 65</p>
<p>10 Increasing Marketing s Management Metabolism 75</p>
<p>11 Think Big, but Implement Incrementally 85</p>
<p>12 Iteration = Continuous Testing and Experimentation 95</p>
<p>13 Visualizing Work and Workflow to Prevent Chaos 105</p>
<p>14 Tasks as Stories along the Buyer s Journey 117</p>
<p>15 Agile Teams and Agile Teamwork 129</p>
<p>16 Balancing Strategy, Quality, and Agility 143</p>
<p>17 Adapting Processes, Not Just Productions 155</p>
<p>18 Moving Marketing from Communications to Experiences 163</p>
<p>19 Marketing in Perpetual Beta with an Innovation Pipeline 173</p>
<p>20 Collaborative Designs and the Quest for New Ideas 183</p>
<p>21 Big Testing Is More Important Than Big Data 193</p>
<p>22 Bimodal Marketing: Balancing Innovation and Scalability 207</p>
<p>23 Platform Thinking and Pace Layering for Marketing 219</p>
<p>24 Taming Essential and Accidental Complexity in Marketing 233</p>
<p>V TALENT 245</p>
<p>25 Chasing the Myth of the 10&times; Marketer 247</p>
<p>Notes 255</p>
<p>Acknowledgments 263</p>
<p>About the Author 267</p>
<p>Index 269</p>

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        Hacking Marketing – Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative