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JavaScript Pocket Reference

Paperback Engels 2012 9781449316853
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JavaScript is the ubiquitous programming language of the Web, and for more than 15 years, 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' has been the bible of JavaScript programmers around the world. This book is an all-new excerpt of The Definitive Guide, collecting the essential parts of that hefty volume into this slim yet dense pocket reference.

The first 9 chapters document the latest version (ECMAScript 5) of the core JavaScript language, covering:
- Types, values, and variables
- Operators, expressions, and statements
- Objects and arrays
- Functions and classes

The next 5 chapters document the fundamental APIs for using JavaScript with HTML5 and explain how to:
- Interact with web browser windows
- Script HTML documents and document elements
- Modify and apply CSS styles and classes
- Respond to user input events
- Communicate with web servers
- Store data locally on the user's computer

This book is a perfect companion to 'jQuery Pocket Reference'.


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Over David Flanagan

David Flanagan is a computer programmer who spends most of his time writing about JavaScript and Java. His books with O'Reilly include Java in a Nutshell, Java Examples in a Nutshell, Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, and JavaScript Pocket Reference. David has a degree in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lives with his wife and children in the U.S. Pacific Northwest bewteen the cities of Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. David has a blog at www.davidflanagan.com.

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1. Lexical Structure
-Identifiers and Reserved Words
-Optional Semicolons

2. Types, Values, and Variables
-Boolean Values
-null and undefined
-The Global Object
-Type Conversions
-Variable Declaration

3. Expressions and Operators
-Arithmetic Operators
-Relational Operators
-Logical Expressions
-Assignment Expressions
-Evaluation Expressions
-Miscellaneous Operators

4. Statements
-Expression Statements
-Compound and Empty Statements
-Declaration Statements
-Miscellaneous Statements

5. Objects
-Creating Objects
-Object Attributes

6. Arrays
-Creating Arrays
-Array Elements and Length
-Iterating Arrays
-Multidimensional Arrays
-Array Methods
-ECMAScript 5 Array Methods
-Array Type
-Array-Like Objects
-Strings as Arrays

7. Functions
-Defining Functions
-Invoking Functions
-Function Arguments and Parameters
-Functions as Namespaces
-Function Properties, Methods, and Constructor

8. Classes
-Classes and Prototypes
-Classes and Constructors
-Java-Style Classes in JavaScript
-Immutable Classes
-Augmenting Classes

9. Regular Expressions
-Describing Patterns with Regular Expressions
-Matching Patterns with Regular Expressions

10. Client-Side JavaScript
-Embedding JavaScript in HTML
-Event-Driven Programming
-The Window Object

11. Scripting Documents
-Overview of the DOM
-Selecting Document Elements
-Document Structure and Traversal
-Element Content
-Creating, Inserting, and Deleting Nodes
-Element Style
-Geometry and Scrolling

12. Handling Events
-Types of Events
-Registering Event Handlers
-Event Handler Invocation

13. Networking
-Using XMLHttpRequest
-Server-Sent Events

14. Client-Side Storage
-localStorage and sessionStorage


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