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Java EE 6 Pocket Guide

A Quick Reference for Simplified Enterprise Java Development

Paperback Engels 2012 9781449336684
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This handy guide provides an overview of Java Enterprise Edition 6's main technologies and includes extensive, easy-to-understand code samples that demonstrate the platform's many improvements. You'll quickly understand how Java EE 6 simplifies the process of developing and deploying web and enterprise applications.

- Explore what's new in Java EE 6, including Contexts and Dependency Injection and the Java API for RESTful Web Services
- Discover how Java EE 6 features relate to design patterns in web and enterprise applications
- Get the specifications for making your application Java EE compliant
- Learn about revisions to Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Faces, and other components
- Find out how Java EE 6 profiles change the platform's 'one size fits all' approach
- Get started with Java EE 6 development and deployment, using NetBeans IDE and GlassFish


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1. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
-What's New in Java EE 6

2. Managed Beans
-Define and Use a Managed Bean
-Lifecycle Callback

3 Servlets
-Servlet Filters
-Event Listeners
-Asynchronous Support
-Web Fragments
-Resource Packaging
-Error Mapping
-Handling Multipart Requests

4. Java Persistence API
-Persistence Unit, Persistence Context, and Entity Manager
-Create, Read, Update, and Delete Entities
-Validating the Entities
-Transactions and Locking

5. Enterprise JavaBeans
-Stateful Session Beans
-Stateless Session Beans
-Singleton Session Beans
-Message-Driven Beans
-Portable Global JNDI Names
-Embeddable API

6. Contexts and Dependency Injection
-Injection Points
-Qualifier and Alternative
-Producer and Disposer
-Interceptors and Decorators
-Scopes and Contexts
-Portable Extensions

7. JavaServer Faces
-Resource Handling
-Composite Components
-Server and Client Extension Points
-Navigation Rules

8. SOAP-Based Web Services
-Web Service Endpoints
-Provider-Based Dynamic Endpoints
-Endpoint-Based Endpoints
-Web Service Client
-Dispatch-Based Dynamic Client

9. RESTful Web Services
-Simple RESTful Web Services
-Binding HTTP Methods
-Multiple Resource Representations
-Binding Request to a Resource
-Mapping Exceptions

10. Java Message Service
-Sending a Message
-Quality of Service
-Receiving a Message Synchronously
-Receiving a Message Asynchronously
-Temporary Destinations

11. Bean Validation
-Built-in Constraints
-Defining a Custom Constraint
-Validation Groups
-Integration with JPA
-Integration with JSF

Appendix A: Getting Started with Java EE 6 Development and Deployment
Appendix B: Further Reading


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        Java EE 6 Pocket Guide