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Phenomenology, Language & Schizophrenia

Paperback Engels 2011 9781461393313
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Phenomenology represents a mainstream in the philosophy of subjectivity as well as a rich tradition of inquiry in psychiatry. The conceptual and empirical study of language has become increasingly relevant for psychiatric research and practice. Schizophrenia is still the most enigmatic and most relevant mental disorder. This volume represents an attempt to bring specialists from different fields together in order to integrate various conceptual and empirical approaches for the benefit of schizophrenic research. We hope that it will facilitate discussions among members of such diverse fields as psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy.


Aantal pagina's:389
Uitgever:Springer New York


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Phenomenology, Language & Schizophrenia: Introduction and Synopsis.- The History of Psychiatry in Heidelberg.- Phenomenology.- Phenomenology and Psychiatry.- Phenomenological/Descriptive Psychiatry: The Methods of Edmund Husserl and Karl Jaspers.- Phenomenology: Intentionality, Passive Synthesis, and Primary Consciousness of Time.- Eidos and Eidetic Variation in Husserl’s Phenomenology.- Eidetic and Empirical Research: A Hermeneutic Complementarity.- Emil Kraepelin and Philosophy.- Schizophrenia, Delusions, and Heidegger’s “Ontological Difference”.- Language and Cognition.- Phenomenological Aspects on “Zerfahrenheit” and Incoherence.- Word-associations in Experimental Psychiatry: A Historical Perspective.- Language Planning and Alterations in the Experience of Will.- The Structure of Schizophrenic Incoherence.- Cognitive Abnormalities and the Symptoms of Schizophrenia.- Are Latent Thought Disorders the Core of Negative Schizophrenia?.- Clinical and Experimental Analysis of Motor Phenomena in Schizophrenia.- Lateralized Information Processing and Emotional Stimulation Schizophrenia and Depression.- Preattentive Perception? Limited Capacity Channel system? What is Different in Schizophrenic Information Processing?.- Delusions.- The Phenomenology of Schizophrenic Delusions.- Rationality and Delusional Disorders.- The Role of Affect in Delusion Formation.- The Brain’s Capacity to Form Delusions as an Evolutionary Strategy for Survival.- Thought Insertion and Insight: Disease and Illness Paradigms of Psychotic Disorder.- Subjectivity, Error Correction Capacity, and the Pathogenesis of Delusions of Reference.- Name Index.

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        Phenomenology, Language & Schizophrenia