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Office Automation

A User-Driven Method

Paperback Engels 2012 9781461575399
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Every pioneer takes large risks, hoping that the new frontier he seeks will provide the benefits of independence and good fortune. Don Tapscott is such a pioneer in the area of office automation. He has been a true pioneer, having entered the field in its early days and taken the risk of working not in technol­ ogy, which was fashionable, but in the field of the problems of organizations, which was less fashionable, but in many ways more important. The utilization of computers for data processing, accounting, inventory, and other "bread and butter" applications is now well entrenched in our society and culture. The process of designing such systems tends to focus on the needs of the company and the constraints of the equipment, leading to efficient systems with little tolerance for the variety of people who must use or interface with them. Within the office automation area, these methods do not work nearly as well. The frequency and amount of human interaction in the office environment, and the wide variety of situations and reactions there­ in, demands a different design methodology.


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1. The Advent of Integrated Office Systems.- 2. The Problem: Technology-Driven Sytems.- 3. Conceptual Approaches to Electronic Office Systems.- 4. Understanding the Office and Organization.- 5. Office Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Productivity.- 6. User-Driven Design.- 7. Assessing the Organization: Research Design.- 8. Assessing the Organization: Measurement.- 9. Assessing the Organization: System Design.- 10. Assessing the Organization: Cost—Benefit Analysis.- 11. Getting Going.- 12. From Pilot to Operational System.- 13. User-Driven Design, Work, and Society.- References.

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